How to set Fb Avatar in Mobile Legends

If you're asking, how am I able to set Fb profile as your avatar in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? Here's a simple tutorial how it's done.

Mobile Legends community has released the latest patch notes MOBA version This update includes the debut of the new Hero: name Gord, The Mystic Mage, new skin in-game balance changes and additional flag.

How to set Facebook Avatar: 

 Fb Avatar

Also, you can now use your Facebook profile photo as an avatar. In this blog post, I'll show how it's easy to set your Facebook Avatar.
  1. The first thing you should do is to update your Mobile Legends Game App at the Google Play store. Note: Your MOBA current version must be ver. to activate FB Avatar.  
  2. After the game app update,  Open the game then Tap your Avatar photo at the left top of your screen.

    Fb Avatar 2

  3. Go to basic info > Tap your avatar photo, additional dialogue box will open.

    Fb Avatar3

  4. Tap Fb Avatar button (image shown at the top) . You should see a notification "Avatar Upload Successful!"
  5. Lastly, Tap your uploaded Facebook photo, then  tap "Okay". Voila, you can now set your Facebook profile as an in-game avatar.  
That's it, I hope you're using your Fb Avatar now. Remember in order to set the Facebook profile as your avatar is to update the game first. 

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