Mobile Legends Inventory Guide and List

Here's the complete list of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang inventory. 

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Inventory. Feel free to contact me if there's a mistake or typo. Advance Inventory is on this link : Advanced Inventory and Advanced inventory 2 (Crafts).


Great Sword
+15 Physical Attack
Buy $250
Crafts:  Legion Sword,  Ogre Tomahawk, Fury Hammer, Magic Blade, Fallen Sword, Deadly Blade, Demon Wings, Hunter Strike, and Raptor Machete.

+10% Attack Speed
Buy $280
Crafts: Wild Sword, Fallen Sword, Swift Boots, Scarlet Phantom, and Feather of Heaven

+8% Critical Strike Chance
Buy $320
Crafts:  Wild Sword, Blade of Destruction, and Thor's Sting

Vampire Mallet:
+8 Physical Attack
+8% Lifesteal
Buy $400
Crafts: Fallen Sword, Tooth of Greed, and Endless Battle


Mystery Codex
+15 Magic Power
Buy $300
Crafts: Magic Wand, Guardian Relic, Azure Blade, Exotic veil, Feather of Heaven,Flame of Fury, and Sun Scepter.

Power Crystal
+300 Mana
Buy $220
Crafts: Azure Blade, Elegant Gem, Sun Scepter, and Black Ice Shield

Magic Necklace
+10 Mana Regen
Buy $120
Crafts: Enchanted Talisman, Sun Scepter, and Frost

Book of Sages
+8 Magic Power
+8% Cooldown Reduction
Crafts:  Tome of Evil,  Enchanted Talisman, Fleeting Time, and Curse Sword


Vitality Crystal
+230 HP
Buy $300
Crafts:  Ogre Tomahawk, Elegant Gem, Ares Belt, Molten Essence, Silence Robe,  Courage Bulwark,  Demon Wings, and Concentrated Energy.

Magic Resist Cloak
+18 Magic Resistant
Buy $220
Crafts: Magic Blade,  Silence Robe, Courage Bulwark, Tough Boots, Beast Killer, and Cursed Helmet

Healing Necklace
+20 HP Regen
Buy $140
Crafts: Blood Thirsty King, Oracle, and Heart of Steal

Leather Jerkin
+18 Armor
Buy $220
Crafts: Black Ice Shield, Dreadnaught Armor, Courage Bulwark, Blade Armor, Warrior Boots >


Unique: +20 Movement Speed
Buy $250
Crafts: Warrior Boots, Tough Boots, Magic Shoes, Arcane Boots, Swift Boots, and Rapid Boots


Hunter's Knife
Unique: +20% Damage to Monsters
Buy $250
Crafts:  Curse Sword, Pillager Axe, and Nimble Blade

See also: Advanced Inventory (Crafts) List and Advanced inventory 2 (Crafts).


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