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ML Heroes Guide - Mobile Legends Heroes Guides, walkthrough, item build, and skill. This post is a compilation of Mobile Legend heroes guides.

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Tigreal, the Warrior of Dawn IconTigreal, the Warrior of Dawn Guide
Background: In every battle, the mystic warrior Tigreal always fought in the front line and never suffered defeat.  Read more.
Role: Tank - Specialty: Crowd Control Engage

Minotaur, the Son of Minos IconMinotaur, the Son of Minos Guide

Lolita, the Steel Elf IconLolita, the Steel Elf Guide

Akai, the Panda Warrior IconAkai, the Panda Warrior Guide


Bane, the Lord of the Seven Seas  IconBane, the Lord of the Seven Seas Guide

Balmond, the Berserker IconBalmond, the Berserker Guide

Alucard, Demon HunterAlucard, Demon Hunter Guide

Franco, the Frozen WarriorFranco, the Frozen Warrior Guide


Saber, the Spacetime Swordmaster Guide

Fanny, the Hovering Blade Guide
Fanny, the Hovering Blade Guide

Karina, the Shadow Blade GuideKarina, the Shadow Blade Guide

Natalia, the Bright Claw Guide


Eudora, the Lightning SorceressEudora, the Lightning Sorceress

Nana, the Feline WizardNana, the Feline Wizard

Alice, the Queen of the Apocal
Alice, the Queen of the Apocalypse

Gord, the Mystic Magician

Gord, the Mystic Magician


Miya, the Moonlight ArcherMiya, the Moonlight Archer

Clint, the Wasteland DrifterClint, the Wasteland Drifter

Bruno, the Protector

Bruno, the Protector



Rafaela, the Wing of HolinessRafaela, the Wing of Holiness Guide

Mobile Legends still improving and adding new heroes. So, We are currently working to add more Mobile Legends guides. If you want to submit your guide or found a great guide please contact us or just simply drop a comment. Credits will be given for guides that published in this blog.


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