Clint Item Build Strategy Guide

Since he made his debut in the game, Clint has been one of the most reliable heroes in Mobile Legends. His passive grants him high damage capabilities, and he also has good escaping skills due to his mobility. 

While his skills can be dodged quite easily, they can deal a significant amount of damage when successful. This makes him a good DPS, better than other members of the Marksman class.

In this guide, we will look at how to build Clint in such a way as to maximize his physical attack, attack speed, critical, movement speed, and lifesteal.

  1. Fallen Sword -  This will add +45 to Clint’s physical attack and +30 to his attack speed. It also grants him +10% lifesteal. Furthermore, each attack that uses the item deals damage that is 8% of the current HP of the target -- dealing huge damage to tanks.
  2. Swift Boots -  This augments the effects of Fallen Sword by increasing the attack speed by +15%. It also gives Clint an additional +40% movement speed, making him even more mobile.
  3. Thor’s Sting - This will further enhance the hero’s DPS by increasing the attack speed by +30%. The movement speed will increase by another 8%, and the critical chance will increase by +20%
  4. Wind Chaser - This will give a flat +60 physical attack.
  5. Ice Force - This adds another +30 physical attack, and +1,000 HP. The effect of the weapon also gives you a 25% chance to slow the enemy down, making him more vulnerable to attacks.
  6. Blade of Despair - This will increase the physical attack by another +130, and the movement speed by another +25%. The critical strike will increase the chance of a crit strike by another 10%.

There are other good builds for Clint, but you must give this one a try. You will be surprised at what you can do with him on your side.


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