How You Can Get Rid Of The Lag In Mobile Legends

MOBILE LEGENDS – new promising mobile game next to Clash of Clans: If you’re a gamer you shouldn’t miss out one of the newest and trendiest mobile game this season -- Mobile Legends. This game has swept not only mobile game players but also the local market here in the Philippines.
How You Can Get Rid Of The Lag

Following the footsteps of the famous Clash of Clans, Mobile Legends has been promising since its launch, the game has the DOTA and LOL kind of feel concept, so really this game puts a lot of excitement to players out there, knowing you can play something similar to DOTA or LOL IN YOUR MOBILE.

Now that you’re starting to get the hang of the game, there are common challenges Mobile Legend players encounter, one is the lagginess of the game, here are a few steps how you can get rid of the lag in the game and get most of out of the gaming experience:

  1. Check your Network connection. Make sure your ping is lower than 100, you’ll see this in the top right of the game, if it’s above 100 – time to look for a better connection.
  2. Make sure your mobile is compatible with the game. Your mobile should meet the following requirements: Android 4.0+, 1G RAM, 4-Core CPU.
  3. Make sure RAM is working efficiently. You can close other apps that can hinder the game in performing better.
  4. Last Resort. If above tips doesn’t work, you can always contact customer service support on the game itself, the Contact us Link should be found on the game’s main page.

So there you have it, if all else fails, you can contact your friendly customer service support or check our website for more awesome tips.


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