7 Effective Ways To Counter Franco's Hook

People complain about Franco all the time, and I just don't get the fuss. It's not hard not to get hooked - better to keep distance until you have minions. 

You should only really be getting hooked if you are moving between turrets and he just happens to grab you from a bush.

Let's have a discussion,  these are some tips on how to counter Franco are both beloved (ally) and hated(enemy) hero.

1. Go Tanky - Franco hooking up Mino will be a suicide.

2. Purify - I can't count the number of times this ability had saved my life.

3. Use your skills - Miya's 3rd skill came to my mind.

4. Keep moving - We know eventually, he'll target you up but let's make his life harder first by not staying on one spot.

5. Creeps - Use your creeps to hide.

6. Allies - I usually use Rafaela and had saved my allies life a lot of time when they got hooked. I usually use my ult to stun Franco then 2nd skill to speed-up both of us from escaping.

7. Nana - Aside from tanks, she's the only monster that I know that can make Franco's life a hell.

Him hiding in the bush is very common and I think this is the majority of the reason why someone is being hooked. Another reason I can think of if there's a clash your looking at finishing off the other hero the Franco appear and just hooked you up.

Tell us your thoughts/strategy on how to counter Franco's hook below. Thank you.


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