How to Acquire Freya in Mobile Legends


Steps to acquire Mobile Legend's Fighter Freya.

1: Establish the network sim card you would want to use (Globe, Smart, Sun, Etc.). Seeing as Google Play would not work with two sims or dual sims, best to remove one of the sims for now (if you are dual simmed).

2: Load the sim with at least 60. Freya would be about 52 points and given some of the local networks you can only access either 50 or 60 load, so best go for the 60 load instead.

3: Check if your account is verified with Google Play. Check out this post on how to get your account verified). It would make things a lot easier and smooth sailing if you already have an account. Be sure to have the same number in your chosen sim for the one in your account.

4: Now go to the Mobile Legends main home menu, and go look for the Hero Freya. Click the Recharge option.

5: On the Recharge menu, go choose the option to convert your load to gems/diamonds (choose the 48 gem/dias one). A window will pop up, showing a transaction, in which you click on the green Continue button.

6: Another window will then popup for the payment method, in which you choose your mobile network. (Unless you prefer to pay in credit card, there is also an option given above.)
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That's pretty much it. Be sure to have your account verified otherwise you'll have to input the necessary information and repeat the process from Step 4 to 6 again.

After that, you may acquire Freya and find her in your Hero list already.


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