Natalia, the Bright Claw Item (Damage) Build And Guide

Natalia, the Bright Claw is one of the Assassin class that you need try in Mobile Legends. She also needs a good item build in order to deal a lot of damage.

Natalia build

Natalia Recommended Item build guide

You can unlock Natalia for 32000 Battle Points or 599 dias/diamonds. Natalia is an offensive hero with 3 skills and one passive. Assassin instinct as her passive, Claw Dash, Smoke Bomb, Flying Tackle and Cold-blooded strangling as her Special skill.

Natalia Build Guide
The following inventory item build guide will increase her physical attack, improve critical strike chance, attack speed, and HP. The guide consists of 4 attack items, one movement and defense.

#1 Blade of Destruction:
Adds Physical Attack + 75, Critical Strike Chance +20%, Critical Damage +50%, Unique Passive ?Doom? (Critical strike will increase physical attack to 5%)

#2 Swift Boot:
Additional Attack Speed +15%, and Movement Speed +40

#3 Hunter Strike:
Increase her Physical Attack +100, Cooldown Reduction +20%, Unique Passive-Hunt: (Increases movement speed by 30% if an enemy hero is killed)

#4 Immortality:
Gains additional HP +800, Magic Resistance +40, Unique Passive-Rebirth: (Resurrects hero after dying and gets HP to 15% and a shield that can absorb damage equal to 40% max HP which lasts for three seconds. Cooldown effect if 180 seconds)

#5 Wind Chaser:
Adds Physical Attack +60, and Physical Penetration +45%

#6 Blade of Despair:
Adds Physical Attack +130, Attack Speed +25%, Critical Strike Chance +10%, Unique Passive-Despair: (deals additional 15% damage to an enemy with an abnormal state).

In the latter part of the battle, you can sell this item and replace it with Brute Force Breast plate to add -Hit Points +700, and Armor +40.

With Unique Passive-Brute Force: (increase movement speed +2%, physical attack +3% as hero attacks enemies. This effect lasts four seconds)


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