Mobile Legends Patch Notes v1.1.68, (New Hero, Events, and Balance Adjustments)

Patch Notes version 1.1.68 introduces new hero named, Cyclops for 15000 battle points only, this update also fixed some bugs that were seen on version 1.1.66.

According to Skadoosh! (MLBB Reddit member), he got this patch from one of the comments in a youtube video of JDale.  He says that it's legit and got it from them directly.

Mobile Legends Patch Notes v1.1.68

Full Patch Notes 1.1.68: Summary

I. New Hero – Starsoul Magician
Cyclops -  Price: 15,000 Battle Points; 399 diamonds, 30% off in the first week

II. Weekly Free Hero Rotation and New Skins
8 free rotation heroes of this week: server time 05:00:00 24/03/2017 ~ 05:00:00 31/03/2017 (Check server time in system settings page) Saber, Alice, Karina, Clint, Fanny, Hayabusa, Kagura, Sun 6 extra free heroes for Starlight Member: Bruno, Rafaela, Minotaur, Natalia, Yi Sun-shin, and Johnson.

New hero skins
Cyclops - Exorcist: 269 diamonds 【Natalia】-【Phantom Dancer】: Exclusive skin for April

Starlight Member

Premium Skin Fragment Shop:
Newly added:  Nana - Graveyard Party: 250 premium skin fragments

Minotaur - Bursting Yama, Skin card optimized

III. New Feature & Events
1. The models of hero Tigreal and his skin  Dark Knight have been remade with brand new demonstration actions and visual effects. New Tigreal and his skin now are on sale in the shop as a gift pack. Original price is 698 diamonds now it only costs 489 diamonds.

Players can set up their genders now.
a. Tap the avatar, then set up the gender in the ‘Basic Info’ section
b. There are 3 options: Male, Female, Unknown (default). After you set up the gender, it will show in the chat. If you choose ‘Unknown’, then it won’t show.
c. There’s a one-month cooldown before you can change the gender again.

New sharing feature for the squad system:
Now players can share their squad info to Facebook, VK and Twitter.

New lineup tips feature for the Ranked Game.
After selecting the hero, players can post their heroes’ number of matches played and win rate in the chat.

Arena Contest gameplay upgraded:
The gameplay now is the Draft Pick mode (Ban&Pick) in order to improve contests’ fairness and competitiveness. Spectators temporarily cannot watch the process of ban/pick.

Cyclops giftpack (hero Cyclops and skin – Exorcist) now is on sale with a price of 468 diamonds (original price: 668 diamonds).

New limited-time tasks: 
3 tasks will refresh every 3 days. Players can complete the 3 tasks within the limited 3 days to win prizes.

IV. Hero Balance Adjustment 
Attack speed growth of all marksman heroes has been reduced by 0.5%.
【Johnson】Recommended gear sets have been adjusted.
【Moskov】Recommended gear sets have been adjusted.
【Saber】Charge: mana cost has been adjusted.
【Akai】 Meat Tank: cooldown has been increased; mana cost has been increased. Guardian: mana cost has been increased; basic damage has reduced. Thousand Pounder: mana cost has been increased; total AD bonus has been decreased; basic damage has been adjusted.
【Bruno】World Wave: armor reduction effect has been decreased.
【Bane】Shark Bite: additional damage provided has been adjusted.
【Yun Zhao】Supreme Warrior: skill description has been adjusted and becomes immune to slowing down effect. Use to free the hero when the hero is trapped.
【Franco】initial movement speed has been increased. Iron Hook: cooldown has been reduced. Fury Shock: cooldown has been reduced.
【Sun】Clone Techniques: HP of 2 doppelgangers summoned has been increased.
【Miya】【Eudora】【Balmond】Skill visual effects have been optimized. The animation performance of heroes’ attack speed have been optimized to match the actual effect better.
V. Gear & Spells & Battleground Adjustment Gear items
【Deadly Blade】remade attributes.
【Sun Scepter】has been remade and renamed as Winter Truncheon. Attributes
【Hunter Strike】unique passive – Hunt has been remade.
【Cursed Helmet】unique passive – Sacrifice has been adjusted.
【Courage Bulwark】unique passive – Bravery has been adjusted.
【Bloodthirsty King】unique passive – Bloodlust has been adjusted.
【Flame of Fury】unique passive – Scorch has been remade.
【Ice Force】unique passive - Frost Strike has been adjusted.
【Concentrated Energy】unique: Spell vamp has been increased.

Jungle Items:
Now players can only equip 1 jungle item at the same time.

Battle Spell
【Purify】It’s no longer able to reset the stacking damage layers on the hero.

Defense of the minions that are strengthened by the Lord has been increased. The attack growth of cannons has been increased.

Newly-added voice prompts for killed allies and enemies Allies die: An ally has been slain. Enemies die: An enemy has been slain.

AI’s performance when network lags has been improved: it’s smoother when chasing enemy heroes.
Battleground quick response: ‘Rally and push’ and ‘Prepare for the team fight’ have been removed. ‘Hang on and we will win’ and ‘Enemy missing in action’ have been added.

Mini map optimization:
a. Now players can zoom in to the map by tapping the exclamation mark button beneath the mini map.
b. There are different types of tap points on the enlarged map: buildings, jungle monsters, enemy heroes.
Tap allied turrets or base to remind your team to defense. Tap enemy outer turrets to send attack order. Tap the Lord or Turtle to tell your team to attack. Tap enemy heroes’ avatars on the map to mark them.
c. Tap the blank area on the screen to close the enlarged map.
It no longer shows the turrets and bases with particle visual effect when the graphics is set up as low.
Bug Repair

Brawl Mode:
The bug that character can buy gear automatically when taken over by AI has been repaired.

The bug that the gift combo still shows up even when the player doesn’t have enough diamonds has been fixed.

The bug that messages exceeding length limit still can be sent when spectating Arena Contest has been fixed.

The bug that hero will receive extra damage from Akai’s ultimate skill when using ‘Purify’ has been repaired.

The bug has been fixed that When Gord uses his Ult in the bush, the stealth mode won’t cancel if the skill doesn’t hit.

The bug that Alpha’s drone can be seen in the bush has been fixed.

Source: reddit Skadoosh!


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