Quick Guide - How To Play Moskov

If you are an avid player of Mobile Legends then you should be familiar with how new characters excite players like you. Here’s a quick guide on how to play one of the new heroes Moskov in Mobile Legends 
Moskov is categorized under the Marksman class – meaning very mobile and offensive hero.


Here are some main Tips and Tricks you can use for Moskov’s gameplay:

• Don’t do 1v1 fighters like Hayabusa and Alucard - Moskov’s health is a bit soft
• Aim wisely ( You can use your ult) to damage or kill enemy long range
• Positioning – has a major role for this hero, Moskov attach range is quite short so it’s best to use minion waves to reach his enemies in long range.
• For team fights - Stay behind the team and make sure to use minion waves to initiate followed by using ult to cause more damage to the enemy.

So here’s the drill in using Moskov’s Skill:

Moskov has 4 skills you can play with starting with Spear of Quiescence which is a passive skill that can penetrate targets.

The other 3 are all casters, the Abyss Walker helps him to teleport which can be used to be nearer a target to cause more damage or use as an escape when he’s low in hp.

Next caster is the Spear of Death, he can use this to stun an enemy for the first 2 seconds.

Lastly, his ult the Spear of Destruction – which can cause massive damage towards an enemy.

• Spear of Death – stun enemy first
• The use Abyss Walker if the enemy tries to escape
• If the stun works perfectly then hit it with the Spear of Destruction and its game over for the enemy.

Watch Mobile Legends - Moskov Tips and Tricks - Easy Kill by Nat duck:

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rbImERH52I

It’s a matter of getting used to the Moskov’s skills just make sure you use the Abyss Walker when you’re in the midst of dying. ;)


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