Hilda Background & Skills, Priced at 24000 Battle Points

After revealing the 35th hero named Hilda on MLBB twitter, The Power of Megalith is now live and available on the Advanced Server (Patch notes 1.1.76).  Learn more about her abilities below.

The Real Warrior is Here - Hilda

I. New Hero - Power of Megalith

Hilda Wallpaper

Price: 499 Diamonds, 24000 Battle Points, first-week special offer 30% Off

Story Background:

In the Megalith Wasteland, there’s nothing in sight except giant rocks and a few shrubs. This is where Hilda and her clan lives, in this sterile wilderness. Since the soil is extremely infertile, everyone in the clan needs to be an expert in hunting in order to find precious meat to survive.

Since Hilda was born with extraordinary strength, she quickly became the leader of the hunting team, bringing her clan abundant food year after year. However, an unknown force caused the animals in the land to become wild and eventually uncontrollable.

Hunting became harder and harder and finally, the wild animal seven started actively attacking the clans. Many of the clan members were killed, and the great priest also prophesized that a great darkness will destroy the land. Hilda, carrying the hope of her clan, sets out to the Land of Dawn to find a new habitation for her clan. She became a mercenary traveling around the world, and because of this rich experience, she became a much-trusted warrior to her teammates.

Hilda Skills:

Hilda power of wilderness skin

Hilda's abilities are Blessings of Wilderness (passive), Combat Ritual, Art of Hunting, and Power of Wilderness.

  • Passive – Blessing of Wilderness: Hilda's HP regen speed increases when she's in the bush. Entering the bush will give her a shield, this effect can only be triggered every 10 sec. When Hilda's HP runs low, she can obtain a great HP regen ability, this effect can only be triggered every 120 sec.
  • Skill 1 – Combat Ritual: Activates the great sword's rune power, temporarily increasing hero’s movement speed. Additionally, it’ll increase the physical damage dealt in the next basic attack, with slowing down effect, also dealing physical damage to enemies behind the target.
  • Skill 2 – Art of Hunting: Locks onto one enemy target for pursuit, skill can be released 3 times maximum, the 2nd attack will deal damage to target's surroundings, the 3rd attack will knock back target and surrounding enemies temporarily, each time dealing physical damage.
  • Skill 3 – Power of Wildness: Hilda jumps toward the target and slashes powerfully and temporarily stuns the target, at the same time dealing physical damage to enemy units surrounding the target. Each kills or assist attack will increase the magnitude of the skill, and once the maximum magnitude is reached, a set amount of extra damage can be dealt to enemies.

Hilda's role is a high durable Fighter/Tank class specialized in crowd control/engage to be available in the Philippines (Maybe Monday - Tuesday).


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