Mobile Legends Franco's New Skin Revealed

Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you that Franco will have a new skin for the upcoming update. This will be the third skin for your favorite hero Franco.

Earlier today, A Short video clip posted by Mobile Legends on their official facebook fan page revealed how it looks like. Captioned "Hi mga besh! Narito na ang susunod na skin ni Franco!". #MobileLegends #Franco #MLBBNewSkin

Franco's New Skin
Franco's new skin for the upcoming update revealed!

Probably it can be unlocked by diamonds or maybe a prize of an event.  Expect the details to announce soon on how to get this new skin.

Franco is one of the tank class that already has 2 skin, the default skin is Frozen Warrior and Wasteland Butcher is second.

Meanwhile, Alpha and Yi Sun-shin also got their new skin from the last update patch 1.1.68, Onimusha Commander for Alpa and Major General for Yi Sun-Shin.


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