Mobile Legends Patch 1.1.76 Notes

The notes for Mobile Legends Patch 1.1.76 have been released, with some major changes to the game. As always, with the patch notes out already on Advanced Server expect to go live in the Philippines on Monday or maybe Tuesday. Read the full patch notes below.

Mobile Legends update 1.1.76 Patch notes

I. New Hero - Power of Megalith, Hilda.


  • Price: 499 Diamonds, 24000 Battle Points, first-week special offer 30% Off

II.Weekly Free Hero Rotation and New Skins

  1.  8 Heroes for free rotation during server time: 28/04/2017 05:00:00 to 05/05/2017 05:01:00.
  2. Alice; Karina; Bruno; Clint; Fanny; Kagura; Sun; Ruby6 extra free heroes for Starlight Members: Saber; Lolita; Natalia; Yi Sun-Shin; Moskov, Estes.

    8 Heroes for free rotation during server time: 05/05/2017 05:00:00 to 12/05/2017 05:01:00 (check in Avatar System Settings)

    Balmond; Akai; Franco; Nana; Karina; Minotaur; Hayabusa; Chou 6 extra free heroes for Starlight Members: Alice; Eudora; Kagura; Alpha; Ruby, Johnson, Ruby, limited time 30% off, server time 28/04/2017 05:00:00 to 05/05/2017 05:01:00

  3. New Hero Skins:

    Hilda Power of Wilderness

    Hilda - Power of Wilderness : 269 Diamonds

    Moskov Snake eye commander
    Moskov -  Snake Eye Commander :Exclusive skin of May Starlight Member

III.  New Functions and New Events

  1. Newly added subscription function, you can subscribe to hosts which are already in your favorite live stream list, allowing you to receive push notifications from the live stream host.
  2. On the loading screen before entering a battle added distinct loading frames to display teammate’s division. The higher the division reached in ranked matches, in progress the more exquisite the loading frame for the user. Ranked match in progress right now, so get your teammates together to get on the ladder!
  3. Newly added self-defined Quick Response system:
    a) Users are now free to set up your own preferred Quick Response messages in Prep -> Quick Responses
    b) Quick Response messages are grouped into 3 categories: Defense, Attack & Communicate
  4. After entering Brawl Mode, a notice will remind users that “You cannot buy items after leaving the base.”
  5. Tuned the recovery speed of jungle monsters, now when jungle monsters return to their home spot, they won’t fully recover immediately

IV: Hero Balance Adjustment

  • Johnson - Rapid Touchdown: Optimized the control experience
  • Alice - Special effects optimized on the boundary/link
  • Gord - Fixed problem with MysticGush actual radius being less than 0.8
  • Saber - Triple Sweep: Basic damage adjusted from 220/260/300 to 200/230/260, skills area-adjusted from 6.5 to 6.2.
    Optimized camera effects
    Flying Sword: Basic damage adjusted from 160/185/210/235/260/285 to 160/180/200/220/240/260, damage decay adjusted from 75%/68%/61%/54%/47%/40% to 75%/69%/63%/57%/51%/45%

V. Battleground,  Gear & Battle Spell Adjustment


  1. Now when a teammate you healed gets a Kill, you can also receive credit for an Assist.
  2. Optimized quick display name of Allies and Enemies
  3. Tuned the recovery speed of jungle monsters, now when jungle monsters return to their home spot, they won’t fully recover immediately
  4. Inhero selection screen for all modes added 15 secs of extra prep time, the default countdown timer will be adjusted from 30s to 45s
  5. In Shop which is accessed via the battlefield, users can now change RecommendedEquipment Set.
  6. Optimized logic under AI auto-fight, when offline users log in, AI will automatically be recalled to base.
  7. Show different effects for adding gold for users who use Last Hit Attack and those who don’t


  1. Weaken : Cooldown adjusted from 90s to 60s, slow down effect adjusted from 50% to 70%.
  2. Purify : Effect adjusted to “After the skill is released it will immediately remove all negative effects and grants immunity from disables for 1s and increase hero's movement speed by 30%.” Cooldown adjusted from 120s to 150s.

Newly Added Basic Gear

  1. Bloodlust Axe: We feel that for heroes who mainly rely on skills to deal physical attacks, the Tooth of Greed’s physical lifesteal is not the best choice for them. Bloodlust Axe will be more suitable as it has a high cooldown reduction and bloodthirsty effects.
    Attributes:+70 physical damage
    Unique:+20% cooldown reduction
    Unique Passive - Bloodlust: Restores 15% of damage dealt as HP for the hero when hero's skills hit.
  2. Disaster Truncheon: Before Disaster Truncheon was available, Mage Heroes who were facing a stronger Mage opponent could only choose defensive equipment to increase the magic resistance. Disaster Truncheon can improve both magic damage & magic resistance, giving Mage heroes more options.
    Attributes:+60 magic damage, +50 magic resistance
    UniqueAttribute: +10% cooldown reduction
    UniquePassive-The Dead: When dealing damage with this skill, it will reduce the target's magic resistance by 25pts, lasting 5s.
  3. Thunder Belt: This item has well-rounded attributes, it’s worth mentioning that it’s Unique Passive can provide a slowdown effect within a certain radius, which can really help compensate for the lack of speed in pursuit for Tanks.
    Attributes:+25 magic attack, +800 HP, +400 Mana, +40 Armor
    Unique passive - Thunderbolt: After releasing skill, the next basic attack will carry extra 60% of physical attack as true damage, and will slowdown target and its surrounding enemy units, lasting 1.5s. This effect can only be used once every3s.
  4. Added 3 new types of potion equipment – we hope that users can still find room to upgrade their heroes, even when they’ve reached their equipment purchase limit.

    a. EnergyPotion:
    Price: 1500
    Unique Passive-Increase Power: ofphysicalAutomatically used after purchased, giving 30pts of physical damage of physical lifesteal, lasts 120s. Only one potion effect can be used at any one time.
    b. MagicPotion:
    Price: 1500
    Unique Passive-Increase Power: Automatically used after purchased, giving 30pts of magic damage, 5% of cooldown reduction, lasts 120s. Only one potion effect can be used at any one time.
    c. RockPotion:
    Price: 1500
    Unique Passive-Increase Power: Automatically used after purchased, giving 500 pts of HP, 15% of resilience,lasts 120s. Only one potion effect can be used at any one time.

VI.  System adjustments:

  1. Adjusted camera angles of live streaming for an optimized experience
  2. During live broadcasts, users who planes, yachts and racecars as virtual gifts, will get a cool fans avatar frame as reward
  3. For first time users who watch battles using live stream function, the related operations instructions & notices will be shown
  4. iOS users can user built-in Replay Kit support function to carry out live stream, this function is only supported for iOS versions 10.0 and above
  5. Inthe self-defined Draft Pick mode, the judges spectating a battle can use thenewly added Pause Battle function.
  6. In Manage Squad page, team leaders can check each player’s personal info byholding down the team member’s avatar.
  7. When team members stay in the Squad page, they will also see the Squad’s related Info
  8. Optimized the process of checking rankings – adjusted top squads’ text display
  9. Optimized Hero headshots on hero selection page, heroes from the same team will face the same direction.
  10. Added order of purchased time to hero selection list, the most recently purchasedheroes will appear first, making it more convenient for users to choose.

VII. Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed display errors of Mystery Skin levels in Shop.
  2. Fixed bugs in Chat, where clicking user avatars who sent Small Horn and Large Horn does not the related show user info.
  3. Fixed bug in not being able to save or correctly show friend’s Chat messages in iOSsystem. This error in Android was already fixed in the 74 version.
  4. Fixed viewing ranking bug in Top Squads page
  5. Fixed viewing ranking bug – Top Squads page causing Squad names to show errors.
  6. Fixed Squad list viewing bug, where some regions’ lists were too long and could not successfully pull up the correct squad list
  7. Fixed bug related to not showing team leader’s name correctly at times when searching for Squad using Squad ID
  8. Fixed bug related to when Lords become an enemy unit, the mini map indicators move and exposes the location.

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