Mobile Legends Patch Notes 1.1.74 - New Map Looks, New Hero Skins, and More

Hey, guys here's the full patch notes for the coming update version 1.1.74, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.  Moonton, ML Dev brings new map looks wherein they improve the design of the map to make it clear and beautiful. They also added a new skin for Alice and Sun, hero balance and more updates can be found below.

sun rockstar image
Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Sun  Rockstar.

Words from designers:

New update on the map

Dear players, in this new update, we have made a large-scale adjustment on the resources of the map, including improving the quality of the texture mapping of buildings, walls, floors and etc. Now the map looks more beautiful and clear.

Additionally, to improve the fun and variety of gameplay, we adjusted the position of parts of bushes on the map. After this change, player can use those bushes to gank. As for more details about the changes, please pay attention to the next ‘Talk with Designers’, which will be published on our Facebook page. We are glad to share the growth with you guys!

I. New hero skins

Alpha - Fierce Dragon : 269 diamonds
Sun - Rock Star : 749 diamonds

II. Hero Balance Adjustment

The demonstration voices of Franco, Bruno, and Johnson have been optimized. Rafaela’s skin – Flower Fairy now has the demonstration voice.


  • Blood Ode now cannot be interrupted by knocking airborne effect and transforming effect.
  • Blood Awe’s stunning effect has been changed to the trapping effect. Enemies affected will be unable to move for 1.2 sec.
  • Increased HP provided by Each layer of Blood Ancestry has been adjusted from 6 pts to 10 pts.

III. Battleground & Gear Items and Battle Spells Adjustment

  1. Map renovated: Texture mapping of articles and floor has been improved. The position of parts of bushes has been adjusted.

IV. Bug Repair

  1.  The bug that the hero may get stuck in a destroyed turret when using some teleportation skills has been repaired.


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