Nana Physical Damage Item Build

Everybody knows how adorable Nana is, but don’t let her adorableness fool you, she’s not as weak as she looks like.

If you opt to have your Nana under a late game physical build, expect that she can do 1 vs 1 to any hero. Yes compared to other heroes, Nana is difficult to kill during a 1 vs 1 due to her 2nd skill.

Nana Physical Damage Item Build.

But take note that unlike other heroes, Nana requires more item, to get that physical damage build for this hero here are the items you should get:

nana wonderland
Mobile Legends - Nana, Wonderland

Fallen Sword: Will give an additional 8% Hp damage which will be helpful for mid-low base damage.

Swift boots or Magic boots: Increases attack and speed of movement.

Endless battle: This is a core item which combos both with a boomerang and transform. It will also increase physical and magic damage.

Blade of Despair: Another core item that will create additional massive damage when an enemy is knocked up from Nana’s abilities.

Tooth  of Greed or blade of destruction: For life steal + Durability

Ice force: Increases crowd control and additional durability

With these items, Nana becomes unpredictable, most players would think Nana is easily killed, but you’ll surprise them with this build that you aren’t the type to be killed easily.

There are other good builds for Nana, but you must give this one a try. You will be surprised at what you can do with him on your side.


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