Top, Mid, or Bot - What is the Best Lane For Your Hero?

There is no official rule in Mobile Legends when it comes to choosing the right lane for every hero, it’s just that skilled players have created such strategy, where they find their heroes more effective when choosing a specific lane.

 Mobile Legends Choosing The Right Lane

Choosing The Right Lane


Suitable for Marksman (ADC/ADR) and Support type heroes. Main reason to go this way is to kill the Reaper, once killed it will give you an additional buff that will help you in the game, the buff will increase your physical attack and magic power by 10% and increase your speed by 15% for 2 seconds when you hit your target.

As for support type heroes, the support type goes this way to protect the marksman since it’s fragile and would need healing or support.


If you’re a high damage hero, like mage or assassin, here’s the best lane to go.
Why? The midlane is a difficult lane to gank, and is a safe zone, so it’s really the best place to squishy heroes.


Best for fighters and tankers, The toplane is an easy lane to have ganks and surviving the ganks is necessary since the support is with the bots.

So you can go your own style or follow this guide to get the most out of your hero. Just don’t forget to include the Jungler, who can help in redeem experiences, gold, and buffs for the team when the special monster like the turtle and the lord killed.


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