Aurora Item Build and Strategy Guide

Freeze them to Bits: Aurora Item Guide - We’ve been introduced to the Queen of the North, Aurora in the past weeks. Now that the hero has been released, of course the players would be interested on what to buy to maximize her capability and proficiency in the battlefield. So without further ado, let’s look at Aurora’s emblem and ability selections and itemization.
First off, you would like to select the magic emblem set for Aurora to capitalize on her high ability skill. Abilities would vary from Healing or Assault, it depends on your play style overall.

Aurora is a mage, meaning her potential can be unleashed by amplifying her magic damage. All items that enhanced the magic damage of Aurora can be useful in obliterating your opponents.

First off, let’s start with our movement speed enhancer and it would be Arcane Boots would be your go-to boots here as you can gain additional movement speed.

Second, you can consider buying Ice Force as it helps Aurora in two ways, first her durability which the Queen of the North clearly lacks. Buying Ice Frost would increase Aurora’s health by a thousand and that’s not all of the benefits that it can give, it also gives physical attack damage boost! I know that it Aurora needs more magic damage than physical damage but it can help in the long run, trust me. Bonus effect of this nifty weapon is that there is a 25% chance of slowing down enemies’ movement speed by 35% which will help to eradicate Aurora’s adversaries.

Third, would be an Enchanted Talisman which would give every mage’s needs like magic power, HP and Mana Regeneration. It’s simply a must buy for Aurora.

Before we go to the big items, 

The fourth item will be Frost. If I must say, befitting for Aurora, right? It gets better when you know the effect of the item you’ll definitely love it, besides from the +75 increased magic power, +15% mana regeneration and +7% movement speed, it has a passive that every skill that damages an enemy hero will have a 10% slow effect that may last up to 3 seconds and stack up three times!

Now, imagine having Ice Force activating its passive on an enemy hero then suddenly when Aurora activated a skill it slowed the enemy down as well, imagine the catastrophe she would do.

Now for the big guns! 

The fifth item would be Winter Truncheon which gives magic power and armor but there’s more to that, it has 10% cooldown reaction when a hero is below 30% health, and the hero did a basic attack on a target, that target will have its movement lowered by 80% and any magic damage done to the target by the user will be amplified by 50%. With this weapon by Aurora, she won’t need a defensive item as this will turn the tide in her favor!


The final item for the Queen but there is a twist. You need to pick your poison in this one.
First choice is the Calamity Scythe which really speaks for itself. It gives you additional magic power, mana and cooldown reduction with the unique passive called “Calamity” which after you’ve used an ability, the next basic attack would deal 150% magic damage with a small cooldown reduction. This is the Burst Way.

Second option is the Burn Way. You need to buy Flame of Fury. This item will give you increased magic power, movement speed and you’d get magic damage reduction. Now this item has another unique passive which defines why this is the Burn Way.

The unique passive is called Scorch where for every spell you cast these abilities would burn the opponent dealing damage on the target’s HP for a set period of time. With this you can slowly burn your enemies while inflicting ice cold damage on them (ironic, isn’t it).

So you see, Aurora has multitude of possibilities to make her one of the best mages in the game. From a standard build you can be diverse and set your own path as the Queen of the North. This champion has a lot of potential and will be vital in every team fight once the player gets the hang of her.

But this isn’t the only guide around, experiment with different items and even off-meta ways, who knows you, might discover something astounding that no one has ever seen before. That’s all for now and as always for more updates, just stay tuned!


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