Blood Axe Is The Best Item For Balmond, Alucard, Saber or Ruby

This is the Bloodlust Axe, and I will explain on how to build it, how to use it effectively and what heroes should benefit it the most.

Bloodlust Axe has gold price of 1970, the recipe contains 3 great swords which costs 250, and overall it will be 750 with a recipe price of 1220. The benefits of the item are +70 physical attack and +20% cooldown reduction and these are massive and may help the player it capitalizing on heightening its attack while managing its cooldown effectively.

Comparing to another item Tooth of Greed, Bloodlust Axe has an edge on those heroes who is active on casting spells. Tooth of Greed key point is on the hero is on a low HP, turning the tides of the battle. While Bloodlust Axe can always have the unique effect available as long as it activates the skill that hits enemies.

To use it effectively, the player must select heroes that have skills that target multiple enemies while having medium to low cooldowns, to abuse their skills even further. Heroes like Alucard, Balmond, Saber and Ruby. In my observation, Ruby seems the best hero for the new item as her skills usually contain waves and targets, multiple enemies, making the heal much effective.

Watch Blood Axe Best Users by ShinmenTakezo follow their youtube channel for more.

It is also noticeable that this item with Tooth of Greed makes an ultimate combination of lifesteal as shown in multiple videos by YouTubers. With this new item available in Mobile Legends, this might be a turning point of the Meta. It might shift into something new.

Source: Youtube


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