Lapu-lapu Item Build, Emblems and Skills Guide

The new hero, Lapu-lapu has been on the spotlight for a long time. Now that the hero has been released, people have been experimenting guides and finding out a way to maximize his abilities and skills. 
Given his 2 skill sets, he would most likely be wielded by those who have a large amount of skill cap so that his potential would blossom and punish those who think of him as a merely new addition to the game.

Due to his role being a fighter and an assassin it would be best if Lapu-lapu would have items that would maximize his attack damage. Another advantage he brings in the floor is his manaless abilities, making cooldown your only hindrance to annihilate your opponents. So without further ado, let’s build the perfect itemization for Lapu-lapu.

Lapu-lapu Item Build

Lapu-lapu Item Build 

#1.  Bloodlust Axe – this weapon gives the wielder +70 physical attack damage increase and 20% cooldown reduction with a passive that every skill that damages the enemy gives healing to the wielder by 15%.

  • Cost: 1970 gold
  • Recipe: 3 Great Swords = 750 gold
  • Why this item is important: This new weapon would be an awesome fit for the new hero as well. Lapu-lapu is mainly based on dealing damage on skills and we can see that most of his skills rely on damaging the opponents; mostly multiple so having one of these can turn the tides of the battle.

#2.  Magic Shoes – gives 10% cooldown reduction and a unique passive of 40% additional movement speed increase

  • Cost: 710 gold
  • Recipe: Boots = 250 gold
  • Why this item is important: People might be saying, “Whoa there, why are you using shoes that say ‘Magic Shoes’ to a fighter-assassin?” Don’t worry, I’ll counter that with my own bars. First, magic shoes give you the cooldown reduction you need to unleash your skills to the enemy. Lapu-lapu needs the CD so that he could spam his skills and cause mayhem to the enemy. And also, hey that 40% movement speed increase is nice as well right, you can roam the map easily with it.

#3.  Hunter Strike – this weapon offers +100 physical damage and another 20% cooldown reduction. It comes along with a passive that increases the wielder’s movement speed by 30% after killing a hero. This passive lasts 2 seconds.

  • Cost: 2310 gold
  • Recipe: 2 Great Swords = 500 gold and Legion Sword 910 gold(2 Great Swords 500 gold + the item recipe 410 gold)
  • Why this item is important: It fills the needed gaps to make Lapu-lapu even more beastly. Imagine your damage increased to a hundred with another cooldown reduction that would make your skills easier to spam and punish your opponents. I think this is non-debatable at this point.

#4.  Wind Chaser – this weapon gives the wielder +60 physical attack with a passive that grants +45% Physical Penetration. Physical Penetration is a trait where it ignores or penetrates through the armor of the opponent dealing increased damage.

  • Cost: 1885 gold
  • Recipe: Legion Sword 910 gold (2 Great Swords 500 gold + item recipe 410 gold)
  • Why this item is important: This item is an anti-tank item. Usually tanks equip themselves with armor that would make physical attacks useless. With this item, Lapu-lapu would shred valuable health against an enemy tank thanks to the +45% physical penetration Wind Chaser brings to the battlefield.

#5.  Blade of Destruction – this weapon increases the stats of the wielder, giving them +75 physical attack and +20% critical chance. Blade of Destruction also has a unique effect of dealing 50% more critical damage and a unique passive called Doom which makes critical strikes increase the wielder’s physical attack by 5% lasting to 2 seconds.

  • Cost: 2400 gold
  • Recipe: Legion Sword 910 gold (2 Great Swords 500 hold + item recipe 410 gold) + 2 Javelins = 640 gold
  • Why this item is important: With plenty of cooldown reduction given to us by the first items we’ve bought, Blade of Destruction would make Lapu-lapu a fearsome opponent, besides spamming his skills and dealing MASSIVE damage, he includes critical hit in his arsenal making him deadly on team fights and especially one on ones.

#6.  Blade of Despair – this weapon makes the wielder more powerful by adding 130 physical attack damage, +25% attack speed and +10% critical strike chance. It also has another unique passive called Despair that makes the wielder deal more extra damage when an enemy is on an abnormal state (stunned, knocked airborne, disabled, transformed, etc.)

  • Cost: 3010 gold
  • Recipe: Legion Sword 910 gold (2 Great Swords 500 gold + item recipe 410 gold) + Wild Sword 900 Gold (Dagger 280 gold + Javelin 320 gold + item recipe 300 gold)
  • Why this item is important: Finally, the final item that would make Lapu-lapu godly in the match. It increases the physical attack even more. It also made your attacks strike faster in the match and finally let’s you hit more of those critical damage that would send your enemies to oblivion! Not to mention that the unique passive would be a pain to those who receive abnormal effects so if Lapu-lapu has this item it would be a good combo to his ultimate in Light Blades State that would stun the enemies. Teammates with stuns and other skills that can make abnormal states would great as well.

Now that we’ve discussed his build, the emblem you should aim for is none other than the physical emblem to maximize potency of your item build. The spell that we would recommend would be “Execute” as it deals additional damage to the enemy and making Lapu-lapu a threat even further.

This would be all for Lapu-lapu’s guide. We’ve covered every item that would be beneficial for the “Great Chief” and his exploits to the battlefield.

One reminder though that this items are great for him but we recommend if you also experiment and learn more about different items and its effect to the hero, who knows you might have found a off-meta build, be careful on testing it on ranked though!

Kidding aside, we wish you like on the game. For more Mobile Legends update, just stay tuned!


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