GameCon’s Mobile Legends Tournament

It is a two-day event starting at July 8 and end at July 9 that will take place in SM Megatrade Hall 2.

This event will consist of various gaming activities on other things related to gaming, there will be cosplay, tournaments such as Mobile Legends and other more.

Gamecon mobile legends tournament
Photo: gamecon.ph

It has just been announced yesterday but the tournament is starting to rouse the players to suit up and prepare for the competition, indeed Mobile Legends players sure are competitive.

Tips for those who are hyped in joining the tournament, I suggest that you buy the early bird tickets so that you can have more savings in the day of your tournament.

If your team makes it, you may win astounding prices that have yet to be announced, who knows it might be a new skin, cash prices or even more!

Again, I am still speculating since the rules, mechanics and schedules are yet to be announced but this will serve as a fresh news so you could prepare your team or yourself (if you’ll look for a team on the convention) and vanquish your competitors for a shot of glory and of course prizes!

That’s all information that we have got for today, for more information about the convention, look up GameCon PH or RED Wizards Events &PR Strategists in Facebook and for more information in Mobile Legends, just stay tuned here!



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