Gatot Kaca’s arrival in Mobile Legends

Remember Lapu-lapu? He is from the Philippines and it came from a history where he fought against the Spaniards.

Now the new hero is Gatot Kaca and from what I see, he is an epic character, both literally and historically so sit back as we explain on what type of hero is this character.

Literally, his body build is buffed and he wears a black vest with a sun symbol on it. He also has armbands with what looks like an emerald. He also have a turban that would look like a crown. He has a black pants with a loincloth that may looked to be fashionable and he seemed to have another form which his armband to become an energy-like arms with his original ones intact.

If you are still confused, take a look at this picture from the Indonesian Mobile Legends Page.

So you see that’s what makes him epic figurately. Now, historically he goes way back with Mahabharata of India.

Wait, before you get confused as to why he is the Indonesian hero for the game, he has some proper references. Why? Mahabharata has an Indonesian Javanese version where he wears almost as exactly the hero that Mobile Legends show so this may be exactly as it needs to be ( I need your help Indonesian players, is this accurate?)

So if you think Vexana isn’t enough, we got surprised by Gatot Kaca. So what do you think of him? For more updates, stay tuned!


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