New Hero Karrie abilities and gameplay

karrie wallpaper

The new hero has the skin named Lost Star and she is a marksman in the game.  She will cost 24000 battle points since she’s a new hero in the game. She is a dark-skinned, white-haired woman with purple energy shurikens or in other terms, lightwheel as her main weapon.

Her specialty is burst damage and according to her ratings, she is less durable which is understandable as she is a marksman. Her offensive capabilities are devastating which is intriguing which will be a sight to see.

Her abilities would play a huge part in the game as she has an average to more than average rating in her summary; however her playability might be a huge factor as she is deemed difficult to handle. With that set aside, let’s move to the abilities.

This will be the breakdown of abilities for Karrie.

  • Lightwheel Mark
  • Effect:  Gains a stack of Lightwheel Mark at each basic attack or skill of Karrie, it is stackable 5 times and once it has reached that level her shuriken would be like an actual lightwheel that will pierce the target that will deal a fraction of true damage based on the hit points of the hero, however the damage on jungle monsters would be lower than the damage on the enemy.

First Skill
  •  Spinning Lightwheel
  • Effect:  It will release a flywheel in a certain targeted direction, it will stay in the destination and deal physical damage within the enemies and slow down those who are struck in the path.

Second Skill
  • Phantom Step
  • Effect:  Move towards a specific direction and releases the lightwheel attack at the closest opponent and it will stack in the passive which is Lightwheel Mark, but whenever Karrie is in the Ultimate State it will throw 2 lightwheel attacks at the enemy.

  •  Speedy Lightwheel
  • Effect:  Karrie will enter in Double-Lock mode which will increase movement speed and instead of basic attacks making only one lightwheel, she would unleash two lightwheels in each basic attack. There would be a single con though, the basic attack would have less damage than the usual damage she would dealt.

And that is the overall breakdown of Karrie, the Lost Star! You can watch gameplay f this hereo via Mobile Legends Bangbang, [video karrie+gameplay], What are your thoughts? Others have already played her in the advanced server and have been saying that she is OP.

Which is a good sign because the people who would like to have more awesome marksman would be interested in playing her, this would also affect the meta if she remains the same, only time will tell on how she will fare in the game.

But if she does, would it receive a nerf like others do, share your thoughts with us in the comments section and for more updates regarding the Mobile Legends, stay tuned!


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