Hinted new Hero? Grock, the Fortress Titan

It seems that we’re going to get another hero from the game. This time, it has been on speculation by some players because they somewhat had access to the idea box of the developers but enough about those because this time we’re going to show a possible hinting of a new hero. Meet Grock, the Fortress Titan.

The appearance has been shown in one of the game’s Facebook post. It involves around finding the lost glyph of the hero, from what we see there, it has options and you win a Grock Hero Trial Card and Skin Card for three days (which may strengthen the idea of this becoming a permanent hero in the game) if you choose wisely and got the correct answer.

Grock looks like a giant golem that has greenery around him which shows that he may be inactive for a while which caused trees, shrubs and other greens growing on him. His shoulders also appear like a fort which may give the answer to why Grock is called the Fortress Titan, it is because he is made up of a fortress, but until the lore has been released, nothing is confirmed.

In his body, there appears to be a glowing blue energy that supports him, we assume that this is his heart, his life force which makes him alive. His face looks like more of a beige rock that has holes that make up his eyes, mouth and a sigil above his head.

Without further information, this is all we have for Grock. For more news regarding Grock and the game, stay tuned!

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