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Mobile Legends New Map Theme Desert Oasis

- August 03, 2017
The new theme of the mobile legends map has been released. View what it looks like here.

Today August 4, 2017, Mobile Legends just released an image for the new map theme via a Facebook post. This theme will be called the desert oasis.
Bagong tema ng mapa: Desert Oasis! Nagpapatukoy ang tag-init, oras nang lumaban! Ang mga base ay nakakamangha maging ang mga tore. Nagustuhan mo ba ito? Mag komento at nang aming malaman :)
#MLBBNewMap #MLDesertOasis

New Map Theme Desert Oasis

As we've seen from the image towers, walls, and bushes changed. Trees and cactus are added also. Are you excited for the new map?

There is no official announcement yet when the updates gonna happen. Latest updates will be posted here. So Stay Tuned!



Guys why mine is not yet desert oasis I can't play with my friends bcos mine is outdated. I have been re-installing it still there is no changes, still the old map.



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