Mobile Legends Patch Notes V 1.02.10

A word from the designers:

Dear players, we have been receiving lots of feedback on hero balancing lately.
  1. First of all, we have collected, checked and followed all comments from customer service, Facebook and forum.
  2. Second of all, since MSC is still ongoing, we would like to maintain a stable environment for contestants to prepare strategies for MSC so that they can bring us the most exciting matches.
    We understand that sometimes it is hard for you when you meet some over-powerful heroes or you may feel it difficult to accept losses when your favorite hero is picked and not used as well as you do. This is the last thing we would like to see.
While MSC is about to come to the end, we are planning to make a big adjustment of hero balancing in order to change the current situation that marksman heroes are over-powerful and to make tanks and mages to be more useful during fights.

Additionally, we will also make some other adjustments of those over-powerful and unpopular heroes so that all heroes can be picked. Please trust us that our first priority has always been to bring you the best gameplay experience.

I. New and Revamped Hero

1. [Wasteland Drifter] – [Clint]: Remade Clint default model and improved [Wasteland Drifter]’s attack and skill effect. [Clint] and his skin – [Sun 'n Sand] will be sold as a giftpack, 30% OFF first week.

II. Weekly Free Heroes and New Skins

  1. 8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2017/8/18 05:00:00 --- 2017/8/25 05:01:00 (Tap Settings button on the upper right corner of home screen to check)
    Karina; Franco; Tigreal; Bruno; Minotaur; Hayabusa; Johnson; Hilda
    Starlight Member Extra 6 Free Heroes: Clint; Lolita; Chou; Moskov; Cyclops, Karrie

    8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2017/8/25 05:00:00 --- 2017/9/1 05:01:00 (Tap Settings button on the upper right corner of home screen to check)
    Balmond; Bane; Akai; Alucard; Layla; Lolita; Ruby; Estes
    Starlight Member Extra 6 Free Heroes: Rafaela; Natalia; Kagura; Johnson; Aurora; Lapu-Lapu
  2. [Hayabusa] Skin –[Future Enforcer], 599 diamonds, 30% OFF first week
  3. [Hayabusa] and his skin – [Future Enforcer] will be sold as a giftpack, 30% OFF first week
  4. [Estes] Skin – [Galaxy Dominator], limited time event

III. Hero Adjustments

Improved the description of Heavy Crossbow
Despair Hammer: Fixed the issue the area of effect doesn’t match the actual area
Adjusted recommended gear set
Iron Hook: Adjusted the damage from gear physical attack to total physical attack, basic damage adjusted from 460+40*skill lv. To 340+60*skill lv.
Turbo Stealth: Fixed the inconsistency of description and actual effect
Adjusted attack growth from 6.75 to 8.25
Adjusted life steel rate that is provided by gears from 115% to 125%
Mystic Projectile: Adjusted basic damage from 240+30*skill lv. To 225+45*skill lv.

IV. New Events and Features

[Ruby], time limited 30% off on diamonds. Server Time 2017/8/25 05:00:00 --- 2017/9/01 05:01:00

V. Battle Equipment and Skills Adjustment

Battle Equipment:

  1. Add buff icons for jungle equipment
  2. Improved [Immortality] buff description
  3. [Curse Sword], [Star Shard]’s unique passive – [Warding Wind]: Adjusted movement speed bonus after killing a jungle monster from 5% to 8%.
  4. Fixed the issue that stack still exists after selling the jungle equipment

Battleground Adjustments:

  1. Fixed the issue that hero aura doesn’t match the character.

VI. BUG Fixes

  1. Fixed the issue that download speed is not displayed when it’s below 100K.

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