Watch: Mona Trailer Unleashed

Mona, She is still being hyped with more reasons than one. First, she is the first hero to have a mount, her abilities are overpowered and her unexpected and sudden release in the store has made people speculating so let’s dive into it.

First glance is that we see a book where it flips pages and shows a battle ongoing and the text shows that a fire ensues in the battlefield and when all to seem was lost for the losing side, Leo’s eyes show in the darkness and Mona appears out of the midst and finishes the marauders off.

And as the corpse pile under her feet, hatred is gone together with the dead, that’s how the subtitles say it so. As the cinematic ends, Mona says “You cannot bear my wrath!”

She seems to have a deeper story that we would know if her lore would be translated well. As for the cinematic, it was a nice addition to what the game would bring. If they could interconnect the lore together, it would be a strong fighting piece to attract new gamers.

While Mona is probably still in development, we have a lot of information in text and graphics and how she will show in the game.

You’re hyped? I think we all are! For more information regarding Mona and the game itself, Stay tuned!

Video via: Bluepanda

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