How to Gord - Item Build - Strategy Guide

When you start the game, make sure you buy 2 Magic Necklaces to fend off your mana problem and when able you need to buy Hunter’s Knife after that you are all set for the early game.

Gord Item Build

Arcane Boots

Mobility is very neat and always useful in battle. Take an early Arcane Boots so you would be quick as ever. These boots give the magic penetration you will need to deal more damage! All of them should have base resistance at the moment so you could take this early advantage.

Ice Queen Wand

Your damage is DoT or in gaming terms, Damage over Time so slowing them down will be vital in your game as it will cripple them and give you more time to kill them off. Which means taking an Ice Queen Wand will greatly affect your utility and power and even more.

Lightning Truncheon

Since you’ve solved your mana issues, time to do some damage and break loose! With that, you’ll definitely want a Lightning Truncheon. This will make you deal loads of damage that even a 2-1 combo will clear waves for you, you’re getting close to be powerful. Now for some more helpful items.

Glowing Wand

Get Glowing Wand to deal more magic damage via power and penetration also it will make you move swifter as well. It will get your game face on as Gord should always be mobile to avoid getting hit as much as possible.

Holy Crystal

After that, make sure you aim for the Holy Crystal. The damage it brings is humungous and the skill and effect will make you a heavy hitter for sure.

Blood Wings

Pick your poison on these two items that you may need if ever. Blood Wings if you want to be unbeatable in terms of magical damage. But if your enemy has built enough resistance to make your damage weak, get Devil Tears and rip that resistance to non-existence.

That’s all for item builds now for the spells and battle!

Gord Strategy

For the start, go either top or bottom and take the lane that spawns the turtle as it will help you gain more money if you can kill it, but not now. Focus on the task at hand.

Once the battle has begun and minions spawn, use your skills on them in order to clear the wave. After clearing the wave, find the nearest jungle monster and kill it for quick gold, use your combo in this one twice. Repeat what you did on the minion wave earlier and if the buff is not yet there, be sure to take it for an advantage.

When you reach level 4, clear the wave if it is not clear yet and the enemy heroes don't know where you are, then go solo turtle, this will help you gain money. Use this combo until you defeat it, 2-1-3. Keep attacking it using 2-1. When it’s all over, you should have half health, use regeneration, return to your lane and clear the wave.

When you finally bought your Ice Queen Wand, you should find enemies to kill off. Always look for someone that may need your help, if it’s mid, then go help them. Get turtle once it respawns again. It will help you gain money to be more dangerous in the game.

If you have an Alucard or any champion that is like him, use your ultimate in the stack of heroes that are close to each other. If you are caught in a bad situation, aim for the one that may be dangerous if fed. Finish him off!

Wait for the team and don’t proceed on your own especially if the enemy is fed. If you find yourself in a duel with mobile heroes, see if you can score a kill or two.

In the late game, you should be able to fend for yourself but don’t go split pushing! Go and support your team and aim for glory!

Battle Spells should be Sprint or Flicker for more mobility and escape mechanism. If you really love jungling, get Retribution, although it is not recommended.

And that’s all for today’s Gord guide. Stay tuned for more guides in Mobile Legends!

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