New Hero Hylos Skills, and Gameplay

Welcome to the Advanced Server, Hylos the Grand Warden. Hylos is a new hero that has been released in the advanced server of the game.

His appearance is bizarre as his hybrid nature looks somewhat of a half-elf, half unicorn and his hair would be white. You may ask why did I use elf rather than human, well his eyes and ears are very elf-like and not human-like.

Also, why unicorn, because of his horns, but according to some of his abilities, he calls upon centaurs, so is he a centaur, probably, but he looks too majestic for a centaur though.

Nevertheless, never take him a little because of his appearance as he will wreak havoc in the lanes of the games and will bring fear to the enemy, why you ask, check what the role he would play.

From basing on his abilities, he would be a tank but a tank that would be a mana-hungry tank. But he can be unstoppable once played right. The idea of using mana items for Hylos' passive would contribute to his health as well making him tankier and having more mana. It seems that Hylos will be an invincible force if uncontrolled and as a tank, he does have great skills.

Hylos Skills

Hero Characteristics:
Tank who has a vast health pool that can also deal damage

Skill 1:[Law and Order]
Gathers natures energy and fire an energy ball at the locked on target dealing magical damage and stunning.

Skill 2:[Ring of Punishment]
Releases the power of the centaurs to summon a Ring of Punishment, that deals magical damage every second to surrounding enemies while also stacking Warden's Fury, every stack of Warden's Fury will reduce the enemy's movement speed and their attack speed, will also take increased damage from Ring of Punishment, Warden's Fury can only be stacked a certain amount of times.

Ultimate:[Glorious Pathway]
Creates a glorious pathway that lasts temporarily, Hylos will heal a percentage of maximum health every second while on the pathway, Allies will have their movement speed increased when moving towards the pathway, enemies moving from the pathway will have their movement speed decreased.

Passive:[Thickened Blood]
A certain amount of mana received from equipment and emblems will also give Hylos a certain amount of health. When mana is not enough, health can be used to cast skills instead.


What do you think of the new Hero Hylos? Are you excited for him to be released in the future patch? When do you think it would be released.

For more news and updates regarding Hylos and Mobile Legends, stay tuned!


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