5 Tips on How to Counter Fanny

counter fanny
Aim for a wall and let those cables fly. Fanny always reminds us of the anime “Shingeki no Kyojin” or “Attack on Titan” where they use their 3D Maneuver Gear to mobilize and kill titans.

But with Fanny applying it on non-titans, it’s unfair. So we will give you tips in order to counter her down!

First of all, we should know that Fanny is an assassin and she is someone that can be difficult to master. Although, if you prove to be one of those, then you are great. However, not all heroes are unstoppable. Once found a weak spot, their tactics can easily crumble. Now for the points of emphasis, here's how to counter fanny.

1. Stop her from getting Buffs

The jungle buffs are too useful for Fanny. If she does acquire it, she will gain more advantage against your team and she may be too powerful. Avoid that chance by stopping her from getting the buffs whenever possible, it may be hard but the payoff will be worth it.

2. Disablers and stunners

If ever you encounter Fanny, one or two heroes from your team should have a disable skill or stun skill. That way, you can gank on her to ensure a kill and removing the threat she is. But always remember that stuns and disables won’t stop her from going to where her cables will go so after you hit the skill, make sure you go to her location (assuming it doesn’t have any threat in that area) to finish her off.

Heroes that have disables are Eudora, Aurora, and Nana.

3. Displacement skills

Basically, skills that can stop her from moving to that location. She will be interrupted by going to the location of her cable skills making it more efficient to stop and kill her off immediately. This skills will help at most especially if you have multiple allies with you so after you stop her from her tracks, you can smash her all down with your teammates.

Heroes like Balmond, Moskov, Bruno, Akai, and Ruby (note she has two displacement skills).

4. Avoid clinging close to walls

Her forte is to attach her cables to the walls in order to move to that location and hit you. If you are close to a wall where she can attach her cables will let you become an easy prey to her. Staying away from the walls will have your chances of living even more greater.

5. Don’t try to kill her alone

In short do not attempt to engage her in 1v1s and let someone help you to take her down, especially if you are a squishy hero.

Remember, Fanny’s role is an assassin. Assassins are exemplary in terms of dealing massive amounts of damage to the enemy and killing them quick. So battling her solo will be a death wish for you. Avoid doing it so you cannot contribute to her score making her godlier.

With these tips, we hope we have addressed ways in order to counter Fanny. If you have more advice and tips, don’t be afraid to share it with us. For more information regarding Fanny and Mobile Legends, stay tuned!

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