How to Recover your Lost (Bound) Mobile Legends Account

How to Recover your Lost (Binded) Mobile Legends Account
Having a gaming account can be super tedious to handle. But if you do have one that marks your legacy to the game with your great records, unlocked heroes, and your memories of the moments you played on it, you surely do not want to lose that account.

But what if something happens in your cellular phone that you need to delete Mobile Legends, or possibly reformat it. But before you do, in order to recover your account. You must first ensure that you bind your account to either Google, Facebook, or your VK Account.
How to Bind - Recovering Account - Conclusion

Note: This tutorial is for players who already bound their ML account.


It's easy first you need to go into the "Basic Info" page of your Mobile Legends Account, then click the "Account" button, then click either on the three accounts you can bind it. After that, your Mobile Legends account will be bound to that account. Here's why it is important.


Once you install the application again. It is highly likely that it has been logged off in your account and you need to use a username again and complete the tutorial once more. But wait, don't panic. Finish it first.

Once you finish creating that another account, you can "SWITCH ACCOUNT" in order to recover your old Mobile Legends account (assuming you have you bound your ML account in one of the three ways we've shown you earlier.

To get to the "Switch Account" button just do the same in the Account Binding earlier as the button is next to the binding button. Once you switched it, the game will restart to load your settings and after that, voila! You have your own Mobile Legends Account back!


You can now see why binding your account into one of these social media sites can help you recover your account. So make sure that you bind your account to recover your lost Mobile Legends Account.
For more information regarding the game, Mobile Legends and how it works. Always stay tuned!

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