New Hero Helcurt, the Shadowbringer (Skills + Video)

New Hero Helcurt
The game has not stopped in churning new heroes and today we will get the newest assassin to be added soon to the original servers,

Helcurt, the Shadowbringer! From the name and the title, you would easily assume that he is an evil-being that look very scary right?

Well, you guessed right!

He looked so evil. He crawls and has knives at his sides of his hands, but forget that he has still sharp claws that can rip you apart. He is a violet-skinned being that may have ties to the void or dark side. Aside from those, he has a black cape and a tail with a hood that hides his face.

If you think that’s scary enough, remember that his new role is the assassin. His appearance would definitely support the role as assassins are always the one who are devious-looking heroes that can take enemies in one swift strike.

His specialty is having a charge and burst damage. A lot of people have been calling that he may be overpowered, but we still need to have a glimpse of his actual gameplay before we assume the case.

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We heard that his skills would have a silencing one, Watch this video by Hororochan.
So that’s our short overview for Helcurt, do you think this hero has the potential to become strong like Zhask and the others, if so please comment down below!

For more information regarding Helcurt and the game, Mobile Legends, stay tuned! Source: Youtube/Horochan

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