Season 6 Skin Rewards - Alpha: Sea Gladiator

Season 6 Skin – Alpha: Sea Gladiator
Today we will show you the skin to yearn for this Season 6. You will get this if you work hard enough this season.

Alpha: Sea Gladiator Overview

From the murky depths of the sea, Alpha rose with his newest skin. The Sea Gladiator. From the appearance, it is worth noting that this skin would have effect to the gameplay of the user, in terms of aesthetic of course. The Sea Gladiator skin will have special effects in Alpha’s animation not only on moving but with his skills having the same effect through his skin.

To describe it, he has a dark blue trident and he looks like a sea dweller, hence the “Sea Gladiator” name. He wears an armor with the design of a dark grey and some specks of gold and blue. It seems to be amazing so do your best and aim for it!

How to get Season 6 Skin – Alpha: Sea Gladiator

It’s simple. You just need to advance through the ranked games to get the ranked rewards! To be eligible, you must be in level 6 or higher and have 6 or more heroes to participate in the matches. There would be 7 leagues, Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic and Legend. You would begin in the Warrior league, gain stars through winning and aim for the Master league in order to be claim this skin at the end of the season.

Source: Mobile Legends z Design | Instagram

So Alpha mains, are you hyped to claim this skin as yours. Work hard and aim for the top! For more news about Season 6 and its rewards, also the game itself, Mobile Legends, Stay tuned!

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