New Pharsa Skin – Wings of Heaven

New Fasha Skin  – Wings of Heaven
The newest skin of Pharsa, Wings of Heaven. This will be one of her new skins and it really looks amazing. 

Donning white clothes with her white hair, it fits perfectly with her pet dove, which is of course colored white! Her blindfolds are black with a tint of bronze-color and her shoulder guards do look bronze. This new look may symbolize her allegiance since her skin is called Wings of Heaven after all. Her Wings of Vengeance skin shows however her two sides of the coin and would go either way. This skin regards to the good side of Fasha.
fasha skin
Credits: Devcloped
There were some changes to her skin like in the second skill, there is a hint of white after the animation of the purple strike from it, this is also seen in her ultimate very clearly. The changes in her skin are very subtle and you may not see it clearly but there is clearly a change and this is definitely just another re-color as most of you guys have thought it may be.
But that is all for today, there are also rumors about new skins for Saber, Karina, and Karrie’s Starlight Skin, but as long as there is no video or picture to confirm it, it has yet to be announced. For more information about Fasha and the game, Mobile Legends. Stay tuned!

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