How to Livestream a Game in Mobile Legends

Many of us dream of becoming a great Streamer of a game, in fact, Mobile Legends know that so they have made a special feature just for you guys that dreamed that way. Featuring, Live Stream Mode!

Livestream a Game in Mobile Legends

Setting up

There’s more catch to it than what you guys usually think. If you got watchers of your stream and they find it interesting they can give your rewards as well!

1. Open up your Mobile Legends application on your phone then open up the Options Menu on the left side, select “Live Stream Info”.

2. From there, change the “Live Stream” Button to ON rather than OFF. Once you have a game, it will be streamed for everyone to see, your match will be recorded so play well!

Rewards and gifts

There are tons of rewards and gifts for those who would venture out in the open and let everyone see their prowess in the game. There would be chances that a player liked your gameplay and may give you crystals to reward you from you amazing gameplay and there are lot more of ways to gain them so start streaming and sharing.

Back before the days, we cannot stream what we want to share and now with this tool, we can now record and show our friends our games, making connectivity and social aspect of the game even better!

So record and play guys! For more information about the live streaming of Mobile Legends, and of course, the game itself, stay tuned!

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