Mobile Legends Christmas Events (Free Heroes, Skin Bundles, Bonuses, and More)

Mobile Legends Christmas Events
From the advanced server users, we saw that the game will unleash 4 events that will make the players interested in the game more. Like big sales, events that vary from cooperative and competitive and more. We will show them one by one so don’t worry if you think we would miss out one. Although these are the majority, are previews and more details will come up soon, so be prepared.

New Year’s Countdown Sale!

Been wanting to play those Season 5 Heroes that are so damn popular back then like Harley, Karrie, and the others. Then, now is your chance to purchase them and use them in the Land of Dawn, as those heroes will be 30% off their usual price from December 29 until January 2, to signify a new year. Take note that only the heroes that are popular in Season 5 will be featured so don’t expect the other ones to be here.

Light up the Christmas Tree together for JOLLY BONUSES

The mechanics haven’t been set up yet for this one, but the bonuses just keep on coming in one of the newest events on the game. Imagine having these kinds of bonuses!

  • T1 Bonus: Double BP Day 12/25
  • T2 Bonus: Limited Time Mystery Shop 1/11
  • T3 Bonus: Triple BP Day 12/27
  • T4 Bonus: Players' Choice 5 Skin Sales 1/5
  • T5 Bonus: Play all Heroes for FREE 12/31

That tier one alone is a great way to get more heroes by earning battle points through playing games, the tier two will still be a wonder unless the players team up and get that award. Tier three will cue the players’ “gotta buy them all” in terms of heroes.

It will be a busy day then. Tier 4 offers you meanwhile to use all those Christmas money you got, or the bonus you receive to spend it all on discounted skins you choose!

Finally, that Tier 5 offers you to use the other heroes you haven’t bought yet if you failed to play and earn from the earlier BP Days.

It’s still a mystery on how to get those tier levels up. But it would sure be a win-win for everyone so gather round and get the tree lit up! The time period for this event is from December 19 until December 24!

Collect Christmas Hats in Exchange for Holiday Gifts

Another event that is previewed but given some light by other users is this event. These quests have something to do with the game and you collect them every day. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 2 Hats - Play 2 matches with friends in Classic/Ranked/Brawl
  • 2 Hats - Share 2 match results of any mode of FB/VK, Line works as well
  • 2 Hats - Get 1 MVP from winning team in Classic/Ranked/Brawl
  • 1 Hat – Log in the Game
  • 1 Hat – Watch a Livestream and give a gift, likes can be considered as one
  • 2 Hats – Play Magic Wheel 1 time.

It will take dedication from the game to get these all up and the rewards are awesome with at 20 hats, you can acquire a Christmas avatar border which is special for this event and a Gord Christmas Carnival Skin which is special in the season for the grand prize, amounting to 50 hats.
Get these hats rolling as the event will last from December 15 until December 24!

Christmas Skin Bundles

Have you missed a skin that will not be on sale in the shop since it is considered as a special skin? 

Fret not, this year’s Christmas, Mobile Legends will be giving you a second chance to acquire with SKIN BUNDLES!

These will guarantee you have a skin that you haven’t acquired yet and is a worthy investment rather than the lucky boxes that you might need 8-10 spins just to get that awesome skin that is special on that box. This bundle will only last December 25 to December 29 though so once it’s up better stock it up!

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That’s all for today and with these previews, we hope that you get anticipated in the events that Moonton, Mobile Legends’ creator have given us! With more information coming up, we’ll keep you guys posted so stay tuned!


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