New Saber Skin – Full Metal Ronin

New Saber Skin – Full Metal Ronin
As if Saber has not had enough skins, Moonton decided that this swordsman deserve more skin and this time it has the Japanese culture imbibed in it.

Full Metal Ronin basically is what the skin is. It is a samurai clad in its metallic white outfit. His swords are in color red-orange together with his visor and headband. The auto-attack animation, the sword swipe has the slashing color of a white and red-orange style.
saber new skin
The skills also have different effects and color changes. The swords that were flying in the first skill has the white and red-orange color scheme where the white is in the middle and the red-orange is in the blades of the swords.

The second ability meanwhile is very identical to the original one when you jump on the enemy, it will leave a trace of light blue images of Saber on the trail he comes from. The ultimate has also the color change of the red-orange, white and black slash effects when activated.

Video Source: Bluepanda / Youtube

The new skin is great as it can be. For all those Saber mains, don’t wait and acquire the new skin Full Metal Ronin when it comes out. For more updates on new skins and Mobile Legends, stay tuned!

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