Emblem Sets: New Way to Increase Gold and Damage

New Talent System Exploits: Gold and Damage Sets
Since the release of the new emblem and talent system, more players have found ways to make use of it to their advantage, the discussion will be focused on two sides, gold and damage. First, we will discuss the gold set.

Gold Set

Farming minions are one way to get as much as gold as possible to buy your items necessary to take the advantage and win the game. The new talent system offers that. Instead of just gaining the minion gold from killing it, you can receive additional 12 more gold per kill, which will give you an advantage even though it’s not much when you first think of it.

Mage Emblem Set 

Get whichever talent will benefit you in the first and second tier, because the third tier is the game changer of the set.

Go and select “Golden Touch”. This talent will give you exactly what we told you earlier, you will gain 12 more gold per minion kill. It may not be that big, but imagine if you killed 10 minions, you will immediately have 120 gold in the bonus, every gold counts so you can buy more items to lead your team to victory.

So if you are a mage and you need to farm earlier, then this set is for you!

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Damage Set

Winning the battle always depends on how much damage you can deal with the enemy to demolish them. For carries that focus on gaining more physical attack, you can use this set to gain leverage and attain victory.

This set is suggested to the marksmen class because the emblem set will belong. Once you are in the marksmen emblem. You will need to choose these emblems and talents in order.

The first tier, get Bravery for the additional damage.
Then in the second tier, select Doom, because you will need the critical damage, trust me. With critical hits, you will be decimating enemies in a flash, and now for the finale, aim for the talent “Weapon Master”. That talent will take you to places you’ve never seen before.

Weapon Master’s description says that your physical damage gained from the gear will be increased by +8%. Now imagine your gear has a high amount of damage. Add a few more via that talent and you will deal more damage. Plus, if you have items that bring critical hit. It will be creating high-level critical hits that may reach for a THOUSAND!

So if you are a marksman and you aim to pulverize enemies with your weapon, pick up this set.

There’s no such thing as a perfect set. Each emblem and talents will fit your heroes, depending on your desires. It’s just really a matter of mixing and matching to gain the perfect build for the hero you command. For more weird yet effective strategies in Mobile Legends, stay tuned!

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