How to Delete Mobile Legends Account on Facebook

Today, we will discuss a heavy topic with all of you gamers out there, how to delete your Mobile Legends Account. For some reason, this might be wanted so here we go!
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There will always be a time where you want to give up on your account and want to start over. Even if you look at those achievements, KDAs, and skins, you may think of giving up if you got fed up with your old account. While if you wish to, here is the way to remove your account from FB and use it to new mobile legends account.

Just unbind and reset

The best bet you have to remove your account is to unbind it to all of your bindings in the account info and reset the cache of the game itself.

It is that time your account will be removed. But how is the process of removing the binding on Facebook permanently? Since Facebook will be your first go-to option to bind as it is the most used option to bind one’s account.

Facebook unbinding

First, you need to unbind your Facebook in your account, so go to the Account page where the Binding is usually placed (Basic Info > Account).

Once finished, you can now go to your Facebook to permanently unbind your account on it.

1. Go to your Facebook then go to your Menu Option (Help and Settings).

2. After that, go to “Account” settings then through the “Applications” setting.

3. Go to Logged in with Facebook and search for “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” and select it. Find the “Remove App” button and then select it.

4. Once prompted, press the “Delete” button to finalize your deletion of the account on your facebook.

Data and cache removal

To start from scratch in your Mobile Legends application.

1. Go to “Settings” of your phone.

2. Select “Applications” then go to “Application Manager”.

3. Search for “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” and then

4. “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” then exit.

Once finished, you can now start anew in your app.


With this, you can now make a new Mobile Legends account and start fresh. Be careful though, once you reset, there’s no coming back.

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