How to Get Rafaela: Biomedic

So you must have heard of the MPL Avatar Border that comes with two variants.

First is MPL Champion and then the MPL Glorious. Now, these borders are not permanent and always have a 10-day time limit then after that, it will be removed from you.

If you do really want it. You can buy it multiple times.

rafaela biomedic iconNow here’s where you can get the skin for Rafaela. 

1. The Biomedic skin requires you to have 11000 Tournament Medals to purchase it. Buying an MPL Avatar Border for 49 pesos will give you 1000 Ticket Points for your purchase.
2. Meaning that if you want to get the skin, you need to spend 539 pesos (not including the tax) to get 11000 points to get the Rafaela Skin.

3. Where to buy it. Tap Tournament > Guess > Redemption. Look for Rafaela's Biomedic skin, then use your 11000 tournament medal.
how to get rafaela skin biomedic
how to get rafaela skin biomedic
how to get rafaela skin biomedic
Not only that, but you also get the chance to have an MPL Border for 110 days which can be worth your while if you are that type of player.

And that is all we got so far in acquiring the Rafaela Biomedic Skin. We hope that Rafaela mains would do it for the love of the character. For more information about Rafaela and Mobile Legends. Stay tuned!

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