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Corrosion ScytheSwift BootsHaas’ Claws
Malefic RoarDominance IceImmortality

Lancelot is indeed powerful once mastered and it doesn’t take that much to learn this flamboyant assassin, now let’s discuss Lancelot’s build.

As an assassin, you should always prioritize cutting through the life points of your enemies and aiming for those squish damage and magic carries. Always make sure that you are not noticed earlier by their tank if you plan that strategy.

Lancelot is a good initiator though and can duel enemies easily of course, as long as you know the proper items to use of course. With it, you can dominate the game.

Let’s discuss these items one-by-one and analyze their strengths for our hero, Lancelot.

Lancelot Item Build

Corrosion Scythe

Start off with countering the cons of using Lancelot. Whenever you don’t hunt and you are in team fights when the clash ensues.

Lancelot will always be the one that will be targeted since he brings a devastating power that scares a whole lot of enemies and this is the main factor why the majority of the Lancelot players who don’t succeed in playing him is annoyed whenever this happens.
We suggest that you take this item. Why? It removes the worry. It gives off a physical attack which is always useful for Lance, also, this brings 1000 more HP and 20 armor which can easily solve Lancelot’s problems of being a squishy initiator in team fights.
And not to mention, the strong suit of this item is its passives.
First passive, Corrosion, lowers the attack speed of the enemy you target it, which helps you in duels and the second passive, Scour, which slows the movement speed of the enemy. Useful to chase down fleeing heroes.
For a first item, this will bring a great impact to the game and we suggest you always take this.

Swift Boots

Of course, as a duelist and an initiator, one must have the speed and precision to strike down its foes. Lancelot needs attack speed so that he can move to his next target, so take this boots as it will not only help Lancelot in his attack speed but also ofcourse, his movement speed. Speed wins the game for Lancelot so take this.

Haas’ Claws

Another problem for Lancelot is that he lacks sustain skills and abilities. For assassins, if you don’t want to go back to base after a successful hunt of a hero, you will need sustainability and this item right here, gives it to Lancelot.
Besides, the strong physical attack increase it brings. Haas’ Claws also has a unique stat of 20% Lifesteal, now this lifesteal will be useful because you will be taking a lot of damage in the game and having the sustain needed will increase your chances of staying alive in the game.
More sustainability will happen if the passive is activated, where if Lancelot’s life drops below 40%, he will receive more life steal. In team fights, this will always happen so this item adds more power to Lance, so take it.

Malefic Roar

Tanks will always be present in team fights to receive and absorb all the damage your team will bring to them, they can be sturdy and if your team is not careful, an experienced tank can take down the carries with style and before you know it, your team is dead. Take this item so that once you finish delivering the death blows to their carries, you can kill the tanks with ease. 60 Physical attack plus 40% physical penetration which renders enemy tanks’ armor useless. Taking down turrets will also be no problem as the passive will make you powerful as you ignore 20% of its armor. Be versatile with this item.

Dominance Ice

As if the Corrosion Scythe is not enough to slow down your enemies, this item brings mana, armor, crit chance reduction plus cooldown reduction which will be useful for spamming those skills to kill off enemies and a passive which emits an aura that slows down enemy heroes’ movement speed and attack speed. To add more team fight presence, take this item and unleash wrath to enemies.


Enemies still killing you in the team fights and want to survive more? Here’s the final piece to perfect your Lancelot experience.
A chance of resurrection to finish off enemies is a great way that your team will win the game and claim victory in team fights too.
More health points and magic resistance is a bonus here as you become harder to kill on the battlefield.
This build is primarily focused on eradicating the cons of using Lancelot while making him more dangerous once the battle erupts, with these items on, you can take down enemies faster with Lancelot. Now, put that pick into action and own the game!

For more information about Lancelot and Mobile Legends, stay tuned for more updates!

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