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Lesley has been the more popular marksman or woman in the game for more reasons than one. She has range, with her weapon she can fire away her bullets from a long distance. She doesn’t need mana at all, you can use your energy skills everytime it’s available for you as energy recovers fast than mana. She can also kite and has great mobility. With these, you can decimate enemies in an assassination from afar.

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But you need to be more skilled if you want to win using Lesley and here’s how it works.

First up, you need to have the proper builds in order to master Lesley and here are some top recommendations for you.

Item Build

BUILD 1 – A Little Bit of Everything
Swift Boots
Haas’ Claws
Scarlet Phantom
Berserker’s Fury
Endless Battle
This is a pretty good standard build that focuses on the physical attack but also gives emphasis to attack speed which is good for finishing off kills fast, life steal for sustainability of the player. Critical chances and hits which are vital in using Lesley proficiently, and oddly enough it also gives Lesley a lot of movement speed to chase down enemies with items such as Swift Boots, Windtalker, and Endless Battle.

BUILD 2 – Offense is the Best Defense
Scarlet Phantom
Swift Boots
Haas’ Claws
Berserker’s Fury
Malefic Roar
Blade of Despair
This build prefers the offensive route for Lesley and making sure she’s a fine and cool killing machine of marksmen. It’s like the same build in the first one but this one focuses on more damage output. Especially with the item, Malefic Roar this gives you more physical penetration which helps in dealing more damage to enemy heroes. Take this if you feel like going to be the glass cannon in the team.

BUILD 3 – Tougher Marksman
Scarlet Phantom
Swift Boots
Haas’ Claws
Berserker’s Fury
Magic Blade
You can see some staple items in the other builds as well because it is essential for Lesley. This build contains two new items Magic Blade and Immortality. Magic Blade gives you magic resistance for those mages and the unique passive which can give you a shield that will give you more Health Points for survivability. Also, Immortality that gives more HP and magic resistance and an awesome passive that can revive you with a small health and give you time either to finish up your duel or escape to avoid a death. Take this, if you feel that you have more health to go through in battles and survive even further.


Remember one of the articles about exploiting critical damage, this is where Lesley build will shine. Take bravery so you could gain more damage from the start then Doom as we will be revealing Lesley’s one true emblem build, it will help you on critical damage. Finally, you can get the finale of “Weapon’s Master”. Your Item build will make this shine as you will get more damage by +8% and making critical hits, reach for almost if not over a THOUSAND! So take it and decimate your foes.


Take whichever you will feel that will be useful for your gameplay or for using Lesley. Execute is a good one if you wish to kill off an enemy. Flicker is always a good bet for escaping, but not much useful for Lesley as you always can just use the first ability escape since you will be camouflaged. Regeneration is always useful to avoid death so that is one spell you can always take if you are not confident in your abilities to escape a tough team fight.


Remember that even if you are a good marksman, pay heed to your sides and the mini-map. You can get ambushed, ganked or flanked if you are not careful of your actions. Use your first skill as much as possible. It is a great skill to inflict critical damage. But the time it wisely, you may need an escape so don’t go using it recklessly. Proper positioning and skill control can win the game for Lesley.
With this, you are now ready to enter the game and dominate as Lesley, are you ready to crack up those headshots as Lesley? For more updates and guides for heroes like Lesley in Mobile Legends, be sure to stay tuned!


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