Gusion Best Item Build Guide


Gossen iconGusion is an assassin, particularly a magic-based assassin. He may have decent durability but assassins tend to be squishier and gets focus-fired once saw by the enemy team to avoid being dominated by them.

Pokes can be great and the dash is great to start the killing of the would-be target so offensive side, it’s all good. He really needs to make sure that his skill hit and attack the enemies.

Since his abilities are the main focus on his build so hit those right. Overall, he is a very tricky hero to master so practice-practice-practice to get a high level of play for Gusion.

Gusion Item Build

Now that’s enough for the evaluation time to get some items Take these items when you play as Gossen to get more out of the Holy Blade:

Concentrated EnergyConcentrated Energy

Magic power for those early pokes, check. More Health Points for survivability, check. Spell Vamp to sustain your laning phase, check. A great passive that every time you kill an enemy hero you can recover 10% of your HP, a big check! This item is perfect for Gossen as it alleviates his squishiness, adds more power to his skills and it can help you stay in the lane even more so you will not be level gapped. Take this as your early first item.


There are two ways to pick your boots in the game and it can also be based on preference and by situation

Magic ShoesMagic Shoes

This boots or shoes can help you spam your skills easily by having that 10% cooldown reduction. So if you would like to do be able to do that, take this item

Arcane BootsArcane Boots

Meanwhile, if you prefer more power than speed (on using your skill) get this item! This would make those tanks a little bit of hurting if they get a taste of your burst.

Devil TearsDevil Tears

Get your burst ready for the early game by taking this item, not only will you get that sweet +65 magic power but you will also get 40% magic penetration.

Magic resistance will be useless once you get the shred them down with this item. But wait, there’s more to this, keep your HP up and you will gain more magic penetration by 30%, clearly a great item for an early power spike.

Holy CrystalHoly Crystal

This item will amplify your burst damage even more. Heck, this item is full of magic damage with +90 magic power and a unique that has 25% magic power as well.

You will get more out of this by using the passive which will make your skills deadlier than usual. With having to get 15% more magic attack than the normal one, you will gain more successful kills for them to avoid retaliation.

Blood WingsBlood Wings

Late games are bane for the assassins, everyone has their builds, your burst is not very relevant anymore, you would not want that.

You will be focus fired by the enemy team and that is something not good for your team and your pride on that sweet K/D/A if you have one.

The solution? Get this item. It adds more magic power and health points by a hundred and a half (150) and passive that removes the squishy problem for Gusion. Finish the game before they get even set their builds up by this item.


Focus fired is not something that you want for an assassin, there are chances that they spot you and they gank you or you made a mess in your flanking and they noticed it, resulting to a death on your side, irony is, the team is now there when you could’ve sneaked a kill or two for the team.

Don’t let this happen. Live longer with Immortality. More HP to avoid that nasty damage, more magic resistance for their mages and most importantly, the passive of resurrection, with this, you can fix up any mistakes you may make, pay in mind though that this item has one heck of a long cooldown, so use it wisely.

With all those said, you can dominate as Gusion as long as you know the proper combinations and skills to use when playing with him.

These items are solid for him and will make you a relentless assassin in the game. For more information about item builds of several heroes in Mobile Legends, stay tuned!

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