Kagura Best Item Build


Kagura is in the meta right now, due to her high damage output, lane harasser, with great crowd control and can easily take down enemies with ease.
However, she is difficult to master so if you are encouraged with all you saw earlier, you will need to practice her even more so that you can bring the most out of Kagura. Also, she tends to be squishy because she is a mage and durability is not her specialty.

Finally, she has low burst damage at first versus other mages so you will also need to work on that.
Since she is in the meta, expect people playing her or maybe banning her but don’t you worry, we can still teach you how to use her so instead of banning her, you can play her with utmost efficiency. So here are the items needed to be great at Kagura.

Kagura Item Build

Enchanted Talisman

This is the starting item for Kagura. It is very perfect for her as she will need every stat this item give so that she can have an early lead and more harass potential to the enemy laner.

Magic power, to increase damage and harassment to the enemies, health points to increase survivability in the lane and durability in team fights, mana regeneration so that you can spam your skills quickly and that passive that makes you regenerate mana if you gain a kill and assists. These effects will be vital in order to win as Kagura.

Magic Shoes

This boots or shoes... is needed for more cooldown reduction, to play Kagura more effectively, you will need to spam those skills quicker than the enemy to harass them and gain some kills and assists in the process. And of course, the main purpose of the boots to gain more mobility to avoid and escape ganks and ambushes.

Holy Crystal

This item is a great mid game item for Kagura. It amplifies the magic power of Kagura to extreme heights and with this, you can poke hard the enemies and they would feel the damage.

Not to mention, besides all those magic power increases that this item gives, it also has an awesome passive that will make your skills even deadlier than usual.

Devil Tears

More magic power for a mage like Kagura, this item is a mage’s favorite item as it gives more magic damaging potential in the game.

Magic power accompanied by magic penetration is big, because your enemies are usually building up magic resistance in hopes to counter your skills and not be hit by those, but if you pick up magic penetration like this item, it can totally wreck their magic resistance and continue the onslaught.

Its passive makes Kagura lethal as long as you find a way to protect her from enemy fire. Tanks and mages will never see it coming once you unleash your combo with Kagura.

Blood Wings

A great late-game item for Kagura. More Magic Power to inflict more damage to the enemies since in the late game, they are sturdier than the early and mid-game. More HP so Kagura could be hard to kill as well. What makes this strong besides these stats is in the passive that grants 2 HP for magic power added. Kagura will be durable and stronger in the offensive side of the game, late games should be ended quickly as enemies may mount a comeback and this will help in order to secure the victory.


If things go rough, this item is never a bad choice. In fact, it may be perfect for Kagura if you are carrying the game as her. Late game requires survivability and this item provides it all. More Health points, more magic resistance for those enemy mages and finally the passive that grants resurrection for you and then make way to escape or finish the job off. This item is a game-change and should be gotten if things went downhill or you are being focus-fired by the enemy.


Being in the meta, you might want to abuse Kagura’s presence in this season so that you can rack up more wins easily and be stronger in the game, for more information about Kagura and the item builds for each hero in Mobile Legends, stay tuned!

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