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Lancelot New Epic Skin Royal Matador

- February 15, 2018
Devcloped - Mobile Legends revealed the newest upcoming epic skin for Lancelot, and this will be called the Royal Matador.
Lancelot New Epic Skin Royal Matador

According to the Uploader, the name,  price, and others related to this skin maybe change when it released.

Lancelot Icon Royal MatadorDefinitely, this will be the official design and newest skin for Lancelot.

We know some of you will be stoked for the release of this epic skin. In case you haven't seen the gameplay, You can watch it here, there will be changes in effects and animations that make it more unique.
Lancelot  skills
This will be a time-limited event maybe a Lucky box or something... So prepare to spend some bucks here tsk tsk tsk.

That's all for now about Lancelot's newest skin Royal Matador, for more updates. Stay Tuned!



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