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Martis  Skills, Abilities, and Background Story

Having clothed that caused a stir in a community is something of a hero but not only his clothes are controversial but so are his capabilities. First off, the clothing of Martis has pants and a vest but the vest barely blocked the genitals of Martis, causing an issue to the community that it is not very family-friendly. Other than that, he has a hair that really looks like Madara Uchiha from the popular anime, Naruto but instead of black it is white. His clothing also has some horn-like structure with him wielding double daggers.

His role will be Fighter but his specialty would be focused on reap/burst which may mean he may also be built into an assassin with that specialty. However, he is a very durable fighter and has a high offense too, very powerful if you ask me. He also has some dependencies on his skills and his somewhat difficult to wield but he can be mastered.

Ashura or Asura in the Japanese context means devil or demon, meaning, Martis is the Devil King and his motivations will surely be evil.

Hero Specialty: A fearless fighter who specializes in rushing into enemy formations to pick off low HP heroes.

Martis, Ashura King
Role: Fighter

Martis Attributes: 

Movement Speed: 260
Physical Attack: 128
Magic Power: 0
Armor: 25
Magic Resistance: 10
HP: 2738
Mana: 405
Attack Speed: 0.868
HP Regen: 35
Mana Regen: 16
Basic Attack Crit Rate: 0
Ability Crit Rate: 0

Martis Background Story

The Shura clan have thrived in isolation for countless generations, their men renowned for being the world's bravest fighters, and their own women famed for being the world's greatest beauties. At the heart of the Shura clan's beliefs lies the legend of the Three Thousand Worlds.

The Legend speaks of three thousand secret worlds, which upon entering, one must face various levels of psychic trials and advance to the world after world upon victory.

The people of the Shura clan have discovered a way to enter these worlds, and only those who have conquered over three hundred worlds are granted the title of Shura, raising them to the level of a demigod in the eyes of their people.

However, in the innumerable eons of Shura history, none managed to conquer the fabled three thousand worlds, until Martis appeared. With ambition and determination capable of shaking the very heavens, Martis trained every day of his life to become stronger, tirelessly advancing through the secret worlds, each personal breakthrough against the legions of demons granting him a sense of unique personal satisfaction.

No one knows how many years passed before Martis reached the final secret world, but his defeats, he fell into despair, but even then, he refused to give up.

He transformed his sheer thirst for victory into twin blades of righteous fury, now known as the Ashur'as Teeth, and for countless days and nights, battled against the demons of the final world with strength and determination never seen before on the mortal plane.

He finally became the first Ashura to defeat the three thousand secret worlds and has since been regarded as 'King Shura', ruling tens of millions of aspiring Ashura.

Martis Skills and Abilities

His skills are very powerful and can deal a lot of damage if the enemy is not paying attention to Martis and has not built enough HP to withstand the damage. Here are the skills that Martis has:

Passive Skill
Ashura's Wrath
Each time Martis use a skill, the power of Ashura's Teeth will increase his attack speed by 15%, up to a maximum of 60%, Lasts 4 s.

This is an amazing skill for chasing down a lot of escaping enemies. The great thing is that if you have killed someone with your ultimate and it reset then you can kill off the remaining stragglers as long as you can kill them and not be killed as well.

Ashura Aura
Cooldown: 10.0

Martis focuses the power of the Ashura's Teeth to draw enemies in a fan-shaped area in front of him and attack them for 280 (100% extra physical attack) physical damage.

This is your CC skill, where you can gather all your enemies to ensure that they are in one spot for your second skill and your teammates to help you decimate them.

Mortal Coil
Cooldown: 10.0

There exists nothing between the between the heavens and earth, nor in the Three Thousand Worlds, that can resist the might of the Ashura. Harnesses the might of the Ashura's Teeth, blade of the underworld, to rain down unearthly judgment on his enemies, dealing 150 (+90% Total Physical Attack) physical damage and knocking them back. This skill can be used again, after a brief pause, to change forward, knocking up and dealing 200 (+150% Extra Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies along the way.

This will be your skill to make combos and kill them or lower their health for your ultimate to finish them off. This skill is very powerful and makes Martis’ rush through the enemy lines to pick on the weak and low health heroes such as mages and marksmen. Get this to ensure victory.
Cooldown: 36.0

All that lives must die; the only truth lies in emptiness. In the final secret world, only the true Ashura King shall emerge triumphantly. Charges to the designated enemy hero, dealing 500 (+100% Total Physical Attack) physical damage. If the target is below 50% HP, this skill will deal true damage. Killing a target with this skill will immediately reset its cooldown and increase your movement speed by 100% 5s (speed increase gradually decays over time).

This is your ultimate killing skill. Get those enemy heroes close to dying and use this and it will reset for a period of time to kill another one. You can easily get all 5 dead with the proper combination and timing. If you want that, get Martis now!

Martis Strategy


First, you need to gather the enemies with a first skill so that when an enemy hero gets caught, you can use your second ability to knock them up and deal more damage. Continue hitting it as long as you can and with the HP of a very low range, finish the kill with your ultimate.

Now with team fights, you can be the assassin and kill off the carries. Just make sure that your allies are behind you so you won’t deal a 1v5. As the fight starts, mark your enemy and go for the second skill until you reach it and damage it. Continue hitting it and finish it with your ultimate, find another squishy and deal with it as well. If there are escaping heroes, ultimate them if you can. You can be victorious in no time.

Martis Skin
Not yet available
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That’s all we got for Martis, as the new hero we will see if he can make the other heroes bow down to his will, or fight and own him. For more updates on new heroes and the game, stay tuned!

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