Alucard & Miya New Valentines Skin and Avatar Borders

New Valentines Skin and Avatar Borders
Ahh Valentine’s Day, a day where you can spend time with your loved ones in a place where you can just relax and bond with them.

Have you imagined that already, if not, then worry not as we will have the perfect event to replace it, especially if you are a diehard Mobile Legends player. The game will have an event for Valentine’s day and it is slowly being implemented with skins and avatar borders.
valentine avatar border
For the skins, we suspect that those will be Miya and Alucard as this year’s Valentine’s Couple. They look awesome with their respective skins. Miya with her pink dress and white wings and Alucard with that white formal coat with shoulder guards. They have not released how much it will be or the effects so we will have to wait and see what kind of effects will it bring to the table.

For the avatar borders though, it has been shown that it will have 2 borders, one for the male and another one for the females. It is still unknown as well how to acquire it but it involves the event.
Alucard Miya wallpaper
Mobile Legends Loadscreen Alucard and Miya Valentines Skin.

We’ll keep you posted for more news.For more updates on the game and Valentine’s event, stay tuned!

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