Mobile Legends Pro League 2018 Opens in the Philippines

Mobile Legends Pro League 2018
Are you feeling the intensity and hype for the event yet? Stay tuned to learn more as we unveil details on it.

Now, if you log in to your Mobile Legends application and account you will notice a news in the MLBB eSports tab about the Pro League here in the Philippines.

If you open the link then it will redirect you to their Google Forms in their registration, so far it is closed as we are now in the Qualifier #1 so if you want a shot at it, go and play at the Qualifier #2 where you and your friends can register for a shot of not just 1,2,3 or 4 million but a whooping amount of 5 MILLION PESOS!
It seems to be farfetched but it is true and is part of the announcement of the developers itself.

The qualifiers will be held online where teams will duke it out for a chance to win it all, the qualifiers have 3 different dates where they can compete. Qualifier # 1 is on April 14-15, Qualifier # 2 is on April 21-22 and finally, Qualifier # 3 will be held on 28-29.

You can see that these dates have been set up on the weekends so that even the working class can participate in the tournament, also it is done online so no need to worry about the date.

Once the qualifiers are over, there will be more competition ready for them as they face the qualifying team of each different week in the Regular Season which starts at May 12 until June 10, 2018. They need to garner wins here to be able to compete in the exhilarating Main Event that would commence on June 30 until July 1.

This would truly bring the competitive spirit of the Filipinos to sharpen their skills and enhance their gameplay in order to win that big prize money.

There have been various tournaments like these in other countries, for example, is Singapore and they are almost at the main event in the MLBB SG. Now is the Philippines’ time to show that eSports are truly alive and kicking in this region as well.

This event will be hosted by the MET or most commonly known as the Mineski Events Team. Moonton has partnered up with them in order to bring the most exciting Mobile Legends event that has been announced it the country.
Now the question is, are you up for the challenge in this competition. Would you defy all odds, join and write your own story? 

Will you be legendary in the Mobile Legends eSports scene?

One way to find out is to join in the fray with your friends! To know more about the competition and other Mobile Legends news, stay tuned for more information!

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