Selena Best Item Build

Selena, both a mage and assassin in ways more than one. She has controlled both the power of her normal self and her abyssal form and she can be an asset to a team in a lot of tactical decisions and careful planning.

Welcome to the Selena Item Build where we will discuss, Selena, the Abyssal Witch’s build items and why it is the best for her. Keep reading to find out!

With her abilities that can deal colossal damage and her burst that can be deadly in the combination of it.

Selena is indeed a dangerous hero to deal with. She has similarities with assassins that use skills as their bread and butter in dealing tons of damage, like Guison and Karina. Selena though has a lot of neat combinations in her normal form and has huge damage to her abyssal form.

But enough about the explanation of her potentials, time for some items.

Here are the core items you need to get for Selena:

  1. Calamity Reaper
  2. Magic Shoes
  3. Concentrated Energy
  4. Devil Tears
  5. Holy Crystal
  6. Blood Wings

Before we start, for early game, we recommend you using hunter knife as a starting item to help you get some jungle minion kills, afterward, upgrade it to Pillager Ax.

Calamity Reaper

This is the perfect starting item for Selena as she can spam skills against her enemy. It gives her more magic damage which is extremely necessary for Selena. More mana to spam her skills with, accompany that with mana regeneration. Finally, with cooldown reduction. However, what makes it more special is that its passive is that after using a skill your basic attack gets true damage which is also important for an assassin like Selena.

Magic ShoesMagic Shoes

This is a no-brainer item for Selena as a spammer she needs to get those cooldown reduction that is always useful so you can get your enemies with your skills. And, you will get movement speed, of course, it is a must.

Concentrated EnergyConcentrated Energy

When you go to your abyssal form, the melee one, being a mage and an assassin means bad news if you plan to invade but never fear, concentrated energy is here! It gives you more magic power and health together with the passive of spellvamp (which lets you heal yourself through spells) and another passive that lets you recover your HP after killing an enemy hero so, don’t be afraid to turn the tables with this item.

Devil TearsDevil Tears

This is the perfect magic item for Selena. It will make squishy mages and marksmen into dust. 65 magic power with 40% magic penetration with a passive that rewards you if you have 70+% of health, it gives you more magic penetration by a huge margin, so it’s time to wreak havoc as Selena with Devil Tears.

Holy CrystalHoly Crystal

If you think Devil Tears is not enough for Selena, then go for another item that will give you a big heap of magic damage. What I am talking about of course is Holy Crystal. 90 magic power with the passive of 25% magic power which would deal tremendous amounts of damage for a squishy and even a tank. So much for their armor, if you can deal this much of magic damage. It also has a passive that can wreck your target immediately with another hit of your skill. So if you think you need more firepower, take Holy Crystal.

Blood WingsBlood Wings

If the game is still going and the battle is still undecided, also if you have extra gold in your inventory then sell the Pillager Axe and take up Blood Wings. It benefits her in lots of ways. Of course, you will get more magic power and HP that can be useful for prolonged fights. Damage and HP will make you last longer. Especially, if you go to the melee form or abyssal form. But there’s more to this item than what you think, its passive will make you more tanky, perfect for assassins that need to sustain longer in the battlefield. By this time, you will be invincible if you play your cards right and obliterate the enemy.

Final Words

With these magical items that can make you shred your opponents easily and make you stay longer in the lane and the teamfights, you are guaranteed to win as Selena.

Selena is a magical assassin that needs to deal spells so don’t forget to use them, especially If the stakes are high. Well, that is all we have for now in this Selena Item Build.
If you want to know more about the Abyssal Witch, Selena. Stay tuned for more updates!

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