Mobile Legends Upcoming Update Sun Skills Revamp

Sun monkey king image
Aside from releasing the newest fighter hero Aulrad to the test server, Mobile Legends team unveils revamp skills for Sun, the Monkey King, and its official.

According to moonton game developer, "We've reexamined Sun as a hero and felt that many areas were incomplete. Being a hero who summons clones, Sun himself does not have high enough DPS.

While his clones also featured low attributes. Enemy players often can easily distinguish between the real Sun and his clones.

The newly re-balanced Sun can now create more powerful clones. At the same time, clones can be targeted by enemy spells, making them harder to distinguish from Sun. We've also enhanced Sun's DPS, whiles skills have undergone. the following balance changes: "

Here's the new Sun skills description.

First skill: Endless Variety -- Sun hurls his Golden Staff towards a designated direction to deal physical damage. Monsters or enemy heroes that come in contact with the Staff will be slowed. Sun also summons a doppelganger to attack the enemies.

Second Skill: Instantaneous Move -- Sun and his doppelganger launch an instantaneous attack towards the designated direction, dealing physical damage.

Ultimate Skill: Clone Techniques -- Sun summons a doppelganger that will receive more damage per attack. However, every time they attack will recover Sun's HP.

Passive: Summons Monkey -- Enemy units near Sun or his doppelgangers will experience a reduction in physical defense.
Sun was not the only one who got a hero makeover. We know it all and seen the recent changes to other heroes like Nana, Alice, Vexana, and Bane.

Stay Tuned! For more updates.

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