Claude Best Item Build

Claude has a lot of tricks in his sleeve and as a marksman you will be needing a lot of stuff including lifesteal, attack speed, critical strike, increased critical strike chance and physical damage increase, you can also include physical penetration to deal more damage to the enemy.

Claude Item Build

These foundations will be the basis for Claude’s item build. Here we will discuss 6 items that will be beneficial when you play Claude. Let’s begin with your first item then.

  • Haas' Claws
  • Swift Boots
  • Berserker's Fury
  • Scarlet Phantom
  • Windtalker
  • Malefic Roar

Haas’ ClawsHaas’ Claws

Every marksman usually likes to use this weapon and it’s very understandable why they pick this item. Haas’ Claws give you the spike you need as a marksman. First, it gives life steal that you will need for survivability and then the power of its unique passive which lets you deal more life steal if you have low health. Pretty great if you are in a tough situation. Take it as your first item.

Swift BootsSwift Boots

This boots will be the best for Claude as it has attack speed increase aside from the movement speed boost you need, pretty reasonable for any marksman, actually.

Berserker’s FuryBerserker’s Fury

This is the bread and butter of every marksman, critical strike and critical strike chance, Berserker’s Fury gives that and more. Increased physical attack for more damage, critical strike and critical strike damage for more damage dealt both to squishies and tanks and a passive that increases damage as long as you get critical strikes, very useful. Take it!

Scarlet PhantomScarlet Phantom

Another critical strike item, with additional critical strike, damage and attack speed, this should be obtained in mid-game, its passive called “Frenzy” would work well in Berserker’s Fury, if crit strikes increase Damage on Berserker’s, then Scarlet Phantom would add another effect that will increase hero attack speed and crit strike chance that would last 2 seconds. Since Claude is a marksman that can rain bullets, this is very neat in your build, with this, you can stomp enemies in mid game with ease.


This also increases your movement speed along with the essential attack speed and crit strike chance, it is very useful as its effects can make you deal more burst damage with its passive and it can make Claude a hit and run a character with the accompanying effect of this item. Great item for kiting and chasing down enemies.

Malefic RoarMalefic Roar

This final item is when you can afford it in end game. It can act like a finisher, increasing your damage and making you more powerful with physical penetration. Add to the effect that it has increased damage against turrets, you can push towers with ease together with your teammates with this item.

With all the items given to you, you can dominate and win games easy as Claude. With that being said, this has been the quick item build for Claude.

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